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  1. Are you guys avoiding this week? I think I am and I really don't see him doing much. Can't afford a dud in the playoffs.
  2. I'm still not confident and likely won't start. I can see the argument for starting though. If you're not going to start him this game you might as well drop.
  3. It doesn't make sense to me. A.J. Brown is basically the WR version of Derick Henry. You feed Henry 30 carries in the running game and you would think they would want to feed Brown in the passing game.
  4. I'd say mid to late second round. Hard to imagine a 20 touch player dropping too far.
  5. I would too. He was performing right at ADP when he got injured and he should have an even better year next season if Burrow progresses.
  6. I'm not sure what the work load will be this week as I think they want to keep him fresh for the playoffs, but I'm fairly confident he'll at least get a TD.
  7. With decent options I'm not even sure how confident I am in starting him if he does play.
  8. I know I said earlier in this thread that it may be time to stream, but I'm throwing him out there. He's been proving me wrong all season so he deserves to be in my lineup. My gut is still telling me he won't have the best game, but we'll see.
  9. I've got both Gio and Mixon clogging my bench up at least one has to go and maybe both. I don't see Mixon coming back and if you're forced to start Gio then you're desperate at this point.
  10. I also think they're just easing Carson in. Hyde is still a hold for me as he's a top 3 handcuff.
  11. I love the guy and he's a stud but you guys aren't concerned at all about playing him against the Steelers? Easily the best run D the WFT has played all season. If you remember, the first time WFT played Dallas we thought he was going to be the man from then on out, but the next game he only got 6 carries and was outsnapped by McKissic. Of course I'm starting him, but it wouldn't surprise me if he gets bottled up and then eventually gamescripted out.
  12. He was getting redzone targets which is something I was hoping to see with Thielen out. The route running on that second TD was exquisite. I would expect Thielen to play next week, but I'm hoping the redzone looks continue.
  13. Pretty funny that this guy is my RB 1 and I drafted RB in the first 3 rounds. What's everyone's outlook on him vs. Pittsburgh? I really don't see him racking up a lot of yards against the Steelers D. I'm also afraid that game script will put McKissic back in the game more often than not in the 2nd half. I'm thinking he might be T.D. dependent this game, but I'm throwing him out there no matter what.
  14. 0 by default he was picked 10th in my 10 man league. Honestly, I think most of us seen this coming this week. What I can't figure out is why some of these teams try so hard to stop the run against the Chiefs. The safeties weren't playing deep this game so Tyreek had one of the best WR games of all time. If I'm a defensive coordinator I would rather the chiefs run the ball and short passes for longer drives with a greater chance of them making a mistake. If they were to beat my team it wouldn't be by the deep ball, but I'm just some idiot in a holler so what do I know. I do believe he
  15. I'm mainly saying that because NE defense played well against the cardinals. Murray, the QB 1 threw 170 yards 0 TDs 1 INT. I know Herbert has been exceeding everyone's expectations but I really don't feel that good about him against the NE defense.
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