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  1. you have such a boner for James Conner
  2. Tomlin still benched the dude because he was less effective than the other guys in the backfield
  3. lmao what Connner stinks. Just because he survived cancer doesnt mean we should shower him with excuses
  4. I believe Gio was one of the top 20 paid RB's in the league. So Idk if that means whatever team picks him up has to pay him that big salary, or he's free to sign for whatever I think the Bills could use him, seeing as he's better than the other 2 bums on that roster
  5. they're comfortable with semaji perine. Just re-signed to a new contract last month or so
  6. they just re-signed Samaje Perine But he seems to be the Mixon back up, and not the Gio replacement
  7. you can get a wr3 in the 2nd or 3rd and even the 4th. Bengals need a game changer on the offensive line. They also need to revive the run game. Mixon has played behind crap lines his entire nfl career
  8. why you disrespecting Tory Holt? He was elite. also it's disrespectful to put him in the same sentence as Hines Ward. Holt was way WAY better than Ward
  9. lot of bengals fans have no faith that higgins can be the #1
  10. bears made the playoffs with a combination of Trubisky and Foles. Let's be real here they upgraded. And im not saying this is a game changing upgrade, but it is in fact an upgrade.
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