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  1. there's really no sense in signing him for other than the "loyalty" factor. Because he's going to come at a high price. Would be smart to look elsewhere
  2. yea? you'd be hesitant to draft boyd or higgins in the 5th+?
  3. I think they'll do that but if they were smart, I think they'd pick Sewell and improve the run game. Tua reeks of game manager. You know what helps game managers? Run games and defense. Worry about receivers next season. If Sewell is there, you cannot pass on him
  4. yea, now people are gonna blame EVERYTHING on CTE. Perhaps maybe josh gordon was just an addict and a screw up.
  5. Calm down. This is a fantasy forum. If somebody wants to speculate on a clear mysterious death, they're allowed to. You shouldnt shame someone for that. But hey, all those likes and rep points are worth it, I guess.
  6. so just because deshaun watson wants out of houston, you want the frachise tag eliminated? lol
  7. The rebirth of Jeff Fisher era Goff
  8. you missed the point. Point is there were times Barry shouldve just fell to the ground instead of losing 10 yards trying to scramble. But there were times when it worked, and he'd turn a negative into a positive Josh Allen is the same way. Sometimes it backfires, other times he makes a spectacular play and throws a dart to Diggs downfield. You gotta let him play backyard ball
  9. For real. Nance and Romo are clearly on the chiefs side here Clark tackled Allen after the whistle was blown. A flag shouldve maybe been called for that O-lineman was just protecting his qb. I'd expect any team's lineman to do the same for their QB
  10. who said that? The 2 Allen lover boys arent even here right now Allen haters are starting to get more annoying than Allen lovers
  11. think of it like barry sanders. Barry Sanders is one of the greatest of all time but he also has the most negative runs because he'd try to make something out of nothing
  12. for real, but this is a team sport at the end of the day STOP THROWING IT TO JOHN BROWN
  13. Robinson would command too much money. Juju would thrive with an actual #1 across from him, but I dont think Juju would like Buffalo. Not enough media attention over there. that dude from Carolina. the number 3 who just put up 1000 yards. He'd be a good fit, plus cheaper than the other guys
  14. I legit think the line is good at pass blocking. Run blocking? Not so much Draft defense and bring in a free agent WR. Cut ties with John Brown I know I've said that already, but it's true
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