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  1. Fant clearly doesn’t care about our fantasy teams otherwise he’d have come back in. Dropping ASAP.
  2. “I bet you can’t make a post about a player and be as wrong as you possibly can in 5 sentences.” SuperJoint: hold my juice box
  3. Freeman lol. Wayne Gallman is the back to own, and before anyone says I missed out on Freeman, no I didn’t. Okay yes I did.
  4. Any chance this isn’t real and/or is a bad dream? Asking for a friend.
  5. Stop chasing points and you won’t ask to be f***** in the ahole.
  6. I think he’ll be fine. Seemed like a bad sprain and could be a 3-4 week absence. Barkley is a tough dude.
  7. App: Sleeper Price: $115 Payment method: Venmo or Zelle 12 team PPR/Superflex QB: Dak/Teddy/Tua RB: Saquon/DJ/Dobbins/Hunt WR: Golladay/Amari/Kirk/Jefferson/DJax/Bourne TE: Higbee/Fant https://sleeper.app/topic/170000000000000001/611344744211263488
  8. I need Saquon to score exactly 19.73 points more than Diontae Johnson.
  9. You guys prefer Edwards over Renfrow? I currently have Renfrow but considering going with Edwards for the potential.
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