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  1. Fant clearly doesn’t care about our fantasy teams otherwise he’d have come back in. Dropping ASAP.
  2. “I bet you can’t make a post about a player and be as wrong as you possibly can in 5 sentences.” SuperJoint: hold my juice box
  3. Freeman lol. Wayne Gallman is the back to own, and before anyone says I missed out on Freeman, no I didn’t. Okay yes I did.
  4. Any chance this isn’t real and/or is a bad dream? Asking for a friend.
  5. Stop chasing points and you won’t ask to be f***** in the ahole.
  6. I think he’ll be fine. Seemed like a bad sprain and could be a 3-4 week absence. Barkley is a tough dude.
  7. App: Sleeper Price: $115 Payment method: Venmo or Zelle 12 team PPR/Superflex QB: Dak/Teddy/Tua RB: Saquon/DJ/Dobbins/Hunt WR: Golladay/Amari/Kirk/Jefferson/DJax/Bourne TE: Higbee/Fant https://sleeper.app/topic/170000000000000001/611344744211263488
  8. I need Saquon to score exactly 19.73 points more than Diontae Johnson.
  9. You guys prefer Edwards over Renfrow? I currently have Renfrow but considering going with Edwards for the potential.
  10. I’m confused as to why everyone is acting like Ryquell Armstead isn’t going to come back. COVID takes what, 2 weeks? And so what if he hasn’t practiced. I mean, listen, we're talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice.
  11. That’s very true. I deleted the poll and as of now, it seems like he’s okay with his team. I have put together a group of 5 board members to discuss any concerns that come up from other league members so I reached out to see what their thoughts are. End of the day, it’ll be my call as commish but I like to have certain situations discussed as others may have better ideas. You definitely helped though man, thanks!
  12. I mean I figured it be in my favor because I’m going out of my way to give him a shot at his initial pick. I wouldn’t have picked Mahomes there either and would have gone with Kamara. Another option is to redraft. I set up a poll in my league for members to vote. I’d say 9/12 votes would be enough to redraft.
  13. Had our draft last night for our 2QB/PPR league. I had the 4th overall pick and drafted Zeke. However, the #3 pick had technical difficulties with the app. He had attempted to select Zeke and even provided a screenshot, but the app kept crashing on him. It ended up auto drafting Mahomes for him. By the time he let us know, we were in the 2nd round. To his defense, he didn’t have my number and joined the league through a friend of mine. I couldn’t restart the draft at that point since we were already in the 2nd round and it would’ve got the other guys annoyed. My thinking is that
  14. Cooper Evans (if there) Woods Moore Ridley Lockett Beckham Jr. (if there) Thielen (if there) AJ Brown JuJu McLaurin J Taylor (RB) Chark 2) Ridley over McLaurin and Brown
  15. 12 man PPR/2QB No Defense/No Kicker 2nd overall pick QB: Dak Prescott/Teddy Bridgewater/Tua Tagovailoa RB: Saquon Barkley/David Johnson/Kareem Hunt/JK Dobbins/Duke Johnson WR: Kenny Golladay/Amari Cooper/Christian Kirk/Preston Williams/Justin Jefferson TE: Tyler Higbee/Noah Fant
  16. Are we going to trust the Pats crowded backfield?
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