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  1. I have the same "problem" and I'm playing the Vikings for the exact reasons stated I also got the chargers D. But still sticking with the Vikings
  2. Yeah, I am pretty much staying put I think Damn Brown going down. And Legatron too....smh I still think I got a fighting chance . he has Big ben, Juju and Bell I think Cam and Fun chess can have game
  3. Well here is my lineup QB-Cam WR-Baldwin, Funchess RB- Freeman, Drake, TE- Ertz Flex- Woods Would you take any of them out to play CJ?... Hes gotten like 40 touches in the past 3 games and like top 3 in the past 7 games I believe....leauge is PPR btw Quote
  4. All u said I have thought as well.... Except the Vikings will be up.. And packers will throw I believe to try and come back.... It might not be as much as id like but.... To answer the OG question.... Who would u roll with Vikings , Bears or Chargers?... I think they all got flaws.... Chargers have been the TD scoring team, GREAT secondary, but LBs are injured.... I think Powell will be getting touches among touches.... Bears, are a really good D, but always have middle of the pack Fantasy numbers.... And u said it all about the Vikings... Who would u roll with???
  5. Vikings @ GB or Bears vs CLE or Chargers vs NYJ nasty asses lol I'm pushing towards vikings , last time they intercepted Hundley 3 times... And they are fighting for a chance to HOST a SB But prove me other wise
  6. Thanks man, I said the same thing about the Lions/CIN game For some reason Vikings were my last choice but they are turning into my 1st with bears close behind and chargers far behind.... And it was total opposite 3 days ago ???
  7. Vikings @ GB (I think they will play HARD to try and get that home Superbowl) Bears vs CLE (good D vs a BAD offense) Chargers vs NYJ (Bad Offense, Bad QB, BUT chargers D is a little banged up) I think Vikings got more to play for... First my gut told me chargers, then bears... Now vikings lol.... Little help? BONUS QUESTION! with Z out roll With Gould vs JAX... Or Prater @ CIN
  8. Chargers @ NYJ Bears vs CLE Vikings @ GB And for kicker MY LIONS Prater @ CIN or Robbie good as Gould vs JAX ? I'm leaning towards Prater.... D wise I dont Fn Know lol
  9. Yea thats a good analogy, let the 6th-10th teams drop not their stars but players they have no business doing..... To them they probably can justify it, but dont make it "right" I think all teams who arent playing for anything should be locked
  10. I think we all agree the rule or lack there of one should be discussed lol.... But it something noone thinks about but I bet if ur in the champ game u would feel different haha
  11. Robbie GOOD as GOULD @ JAX Maybe being in positions to hit some bombs Or Prater vs CIN whos allowing 30pts a game.... Also *cough*my lions*cough*
  12. I just want ONE good reason why they would NEED to put in a claimer, other than "they want to" . Im not furious because it wasnt a rule, but u have yet to talk about any of the reason this could be a bad thing if not thought about and decided when making the league... Ie: friends helping friends , doing it because they "don't like you"
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