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  1. I think Gordon is your safest play
  2. I think I would do the same as you, I would probably play Tucker, but kicker is almost always a guessing game (except Koo)
  3. I think Brown gives you the best floor and a decent ceiling Booker is Jacobs is out, Akers if he isnt
  4. I would (am?) start(ing) Rivers this week, much better matchup and he has been doing better lately I would start Landry, he is finally doing what we thought he would after OBJ injury
  5. So... I would definitely not bench Kyler for Carr (he's playing against Indy) I would consider starting Hill though, because you are right, he's not cranking out the points like he used to (who knows if that is due to shoulder or because NFL Def coordinators are really good at what they do and figure him out) Additionally, you have Jefferson benched?
  6. Kirk, guy has been killing it Falcons are too inconsistent
  7. Hill has been rolling, so I would roll with him
  8. No, you play Kyler, the others are available for a reason Conner, Hines has a much lower floor Aiyuk
  9. Josh Allen, he is the hot hand right now
  10. Why do you have both? And Kyler has had the better fantasy year But I do like Wilson to have a bounce back game... because they just gave up over 30 points to Derek Carr
  11. So pretty much all your skill positions.... Zeke, Gallman, Gaskin, Ekeler WR: Arob, Terry, Kupp, Coutee Flex: Gio, Higgins
  12. Baker, he seems to really be finding his stride
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