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  1. As others said.. if GB somehow wins... Eagles will definitely sit starters and ertz will definitely be one of them. Goodwin showed up on the injury report today so keep an eye on that. No shot Adams plays but if he does, play him. He is hundley go to Target. Rhodes will cover nelson and GB will get behind and throw a lot. Play him over kole. Also start Goff.
  2. I don't think it matters... You got five of the top ten RBs in the league unless the other person has bell and gurley and the rest of your roster is trash. My picks.. Hunt-the winning formula has been proven for KC.. get hurt the ball and win Zeke-will get 25 touches easy Mccoy-buffalo probably falls behind but if you are in PPR league, he will just get a lot of catches out of the backfield.
  3. Various injuries have left me with the following choices at QB for my fantasy Superbowl. Foles vs. raiders Bortles vs. SF Carr vs. Eagles Garolappo vs. Jax Honorable mentions but doubt I go there.... Eli, Mariota, flacco are available too. WHIR
  4. Why not both? I'm sure you have a flex spot you can put one in and you can't have three stud receivers that are better then those two and if you do... Your league is a joke.
  5. Ryan.... TB defense is trash. Don't over think it. Sit Ryan next week against NO though. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688403-flexte-help-whir/
  6. Davis if healthy.. if not.. Johnson. Is mixon still out and Bernard is the guy still? Could be interesting to pick up but playing Minny probably makes it too risky
  7. Thomas, aj green, funchess and Gordon for sure.. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688403-flexte-help-whir/
  8. Gordon and Baldwin... http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688403-flexte-help-whir/
  9. Doug Martin fantasy relevance is done with Peyton barber play of yet so I would drop him for Davis Drake and Johnson is my choice. Philly will have to run more but they mix Clement and Blount in a lot... Browns will be playing behind so Johnson will get a lot of touches.
  10. I only have one flex spot so would you go with Dede or Davis? Also you like both over Greg olsen? Also would you do Doyle or Olsen for TE? Thanks!
  11. Playoff semifinals for me this week with zeke coming back next week if I win and at that point...I will be a heavy favored to win my league.. Pick two for my TE/Flex (PPR league) Greg Olsen vs. GB (flex or TE?) Jack Doyle vs. denver (flex or TE?) Dede Westbrook vs. houston Mike davis vs. LAR Peyton barber vs. falcons I am leaning towards Doyle as my TE and Westbrook as my flex but I am worried about Westbrook if Allen hurns comes back this week...
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