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  1. Stupid a** dances Juju. You’re in the NFL and not a flag football league for 8 year olds. Embarrassing to our team.
  2. He looks bloated, slow and unmotivated. He got his payday and will probably be out of the league within a few years. Beard is ungroomed too. Looks like a slob. Nearly 50/50 split with Pollard now (who honestly looks more explosive).
  3. And yet somehow my rb2 Gallman still managed to score more points than my rb1 Bleke Elliott. RIP playoff run.
  4. Wtf. is Zeke even going to break 5 points this game? Against CINCI?!? If I even make it to next week this dude is done seeing the field. DISGUSTING.
  5. Missed today’s practice due to illness. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/10/chase-claypool-misses-practice-thursday/
  6. Definitely worth a waiver claim for playoffs
  7. Right off the hands off the bum Engram. (Playing against Seattle D)
  8. One team adjusted their game plan so they’re not one dimensional. The other didn’t.
  9. I imagine they start Fitz for the 2nd half, right? I have no skin in the game but this is maddening gambling your playoff season by force starting your rookie QB.
  10. How is Newton this awful?!? I can’t believe I benched Ben for him and he may get me the same amount of points if the Steelers game ends up getting canceled...
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