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  1. coughed up the ball 17 times in college?! yeah no way this dude holds the job.
  2. Looks like he's good to go this Sunday. Someone please talk me out of playing him. Although, Hurns who I have over him isn't that much better. I love the matchup against the Pats. I don't trust Cam though.
  3. I'm not gonna act like I completely believe the guy, but apparently Gordon opens snaps and DMs quite a bit according to those forums. It's not completely unbelievable. Just my two cents. That being said, I'm gonna hold whether this was true or not. It's not like I'm picking up somebody worthwhile on the wire with as much upside.
  4. Need 42 points from Stafford and Tate. I'm pretty much expecting the L.
  5. As a DJ and Howard owner who just so happens to have picked Cohen up from the draft. I'm not sure how to feel right now...
  6. Have him on the IR/IL list. Doesn't hurt me putting him in there. Can't miss a chance on an assist specialist at the SF position. My main guards have low assists aves but I did catch a break with Spanish Choco tho.
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