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  1. I like punt assists because during playoff time, the already eliminated teams do not pay attention to the waiver wire and the quality of streams available are higher. Additionally, you don't get penalized as much with the turnovers (from more starts) as you are likely pretty good in turnovers by design of this build. Also their seems to be better quality on waivers as teams are quicker to cut quality players that are sitting out a game or have a bad schedule for the week out of desperation.
  2. Thy Lord giveth, and thy Lord taketh away. I was really counting on him for playoffs. Doesn't look like he'll show up.
  3. Dipo definitely has an effect on his rebound numbers.
  4. They just committed to him Long-Term I don't see his minutes being a problem. He's also still 22 and they will want to develop him more.
  5. I was inspired by his first game more than anything. He looked good out there. Aggressive on the boards, great blocks in only 20 mins. I expect to see Sabonis and Turner out there together more. Turner will get his 30 mins.
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