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  1. If Slay wasn’t playing this game I’d definitely be starting him. Slay is no joke, and Lock is a rookie that doesn’t have the years of experience to deal with a player of Slay’s level. If no Slay, I could easily see 160 yards and 2 tds against the lions. Not sure what to expect with Slay shadowing him.
  2. Houston/Tennessee game has highest point potential this week. I’m leaning Tannehill since Evans is out for bucs.
  3. I’m already down 27 points to Crowder Thursday night. I need 1 WR, and 1 flex between Diggs, Deebo, Lockett, Sutton, Pascal, or Miles Sanders. Laird is also available on waivers. I have DeAndre Washington if Jacobs in fact sits tonight too, but looks like he’s gonna play. PPR with distance bonuses Diggs and Lockett can pop some big games, but have been up and down lately. Deebo is doing well now, but low targets on run heavy team. Sutton against Chiefs and now snow doesn’t look good. Miles has been mediocre and now Scott looks better than him. If no TY,
  4. Due to DJ’s contract, they could just be increasing interest in Drake to inflate his trade value. They will take a huge bath if they cut DJ, and trading him at 10 million a year will not be easy. If they were interested in trading him at all, they would be doing everything they could to showcase his abilities hoping some team would jump on a trade next year. Currently, he doesn’t look like a 10 million a year back, so couldn’t imagine a team willing to take him when there’s a bunch of decent rookies coming out and other free agents, all at a better price. That’s if the management in
  5. Rodgers for the fact that it’s pouring in NE and will be dropping temperature by game time.
  6. Coaches Usually spin injuries as worse than they are to hopefully mess with the opponents game plan. DJ may not have been hurting all that bad all week, just getting vet rest.
  7. Newton just hasn’t been accurate on a lot of his throws when he has been in there lately. Him playing poorly because he’s hurt is one thing, but poor accuracy isn’t gonna win many games. I drafted Newton expecting him to come out this year and be a force. He didn’t deliver at all, and watching him throw and miss guys was painful. Allen looks like a better passer right now.
  8. It’s a coin flip... I guess I could see the Eagles getting up, and then giving Sanders the work to build confidence and work on ball security. Or they could ride Howard up the gut the entire second half. Flip a coin and let me know... Fact is, Eagles want to use all their backs, and will try to keep them all involved. They might ride the hot hand, or they might stick to pregame planning unless fumbles happen. Fantasy RB’s are becoming harder to gauge every year. It’s becoming more luck to getting a good stable of rb’s, than it is research.
  9. I think it will go back and forth all year on which RB gets the better game. Teams trying to follow the Patriots blue print. Eagles already said, they want to use all backs. I have Miles Sanders in all my leagues, and I’m not starting him with any confidence currently. Coin flip on which RB gets the touches.
  10. I think this turns into full patriots type backfield with every week a different back putting up the points. The bright side to Darrel is the injury risk of Shady and Damien. If you feel there is a higher probability of one of those guys getting injured, you hold Darrel. If you feel McCoy and Damien will both remain healthy, then you drop Darrel. I’m holding him unless a gem pops up on the wire that I feel I have to have. Every year, a few backs emerge as huge assets for teams down the stretch. No idea of knowing now which guys those are right now, but I have a
  11. Year 2 under Pettine’s defense and it’s starting to take off. Offense is still learning LaFleur’s playbook and schemes. It’s been said that the defense playing well is allowing the offense to learn at a good pace and to catch up to the defense. Every week, the offense should progress and get better. Rodgers has been given the green light to change some plays at the line if the defense gives him something. I know nfl is about winning games and that doesn’t always translate to fantasy, where we want fantasy studs. I feel LaFleur is just happy with the W’s and doesn’t care about our fantasy
  12. I hope AB destroys the Patriots from within. They deserve that with all their cheating over the years... Extremely fishy how everything played out so quickly and how quickly he was signed... tampering??? AB is a head case, but calling his GM a racist name and threatening to punch him, seems too far fetched from his usual mental health issues. Looks more like he was trying to force his release to get to the Pats. I used to to like the patriots, before all their scandals trying to do anything to get rings. What good is it to get rings with asterisks next to them???
  13. Rodgers looked very rusty and wasn’t reading the field well. The Bears defense is very tough, and in the backfield all night. Every year, the first week is ugly for a lot of teams. Adams will definitely put up numbers this season.
  14. If they run Jackson over 10 times a game, he won’t make it to the end of the season... Kamara wasn’t supposed to do much his rookie year, but he exploded. Every year, late round players come from nowhere, and take off. We see 1st round picks do nothing and are out of the league in no time. Hill may not reach top 20 this year, or maybe be he does. We won’t know till after the season. I slept on Kamara when he was a rookie, now I look hard at any player that possibly could replicate his first year performance, at late round picks. Hill is one of those guys for me this year, Sanders, and
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