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  1. Post fantasy nut clarity- watching football is more enjoyable when you aren’t in fantasy.
  2. My entire 4-team division finished 6-7.
  3. I’m fully aware of his performances and the circumstances around each one.
  4. Gawd awful? Cmon man. That’s harsh. How many tiers to you have between god awful and absolute rock bottom? For me. On a 1-9 scale. 9 = Mahommes and 1 = Kendall Hinton....Id out Taysom as a solid 5-6.
  5. Completely real. Had Todd Gurley lined up. Then swapped them out minutes before kickoff.
  6. I was playing against the worst team in the league. I was in a WIN and I’m IN situation. The dude started the Stafford + Marvin Jones stack. Darren Waller. Jonathan Taylor, and the Chiefs kicker. He rounded out his lineup with Ty Johnson (WTF?) and Darrell Henderson.
  7. I’m starting this guy on a hunch. Super rested. I see 80 yards and 2 TDs.
  8. If Hill goes down then I’m going down with him. Expect a poor 1st half with him going lights out in the second. I see 250 yards 2TDs and 70 yards rushing.
  9. Ravens are literally dealing with an active Covid epidemic within their organization. With new cases being expressed each day. They now took a plane to play against the Steelers who will continue to be the victim of all of this.
  10. Excuse the pun but it makes me sick to see how the Ravens continue to benefit in response to their own negligence. I was ok with pushing the game out of Thursday. Then it got bumped to Sunday. Then Tuesday. Now Wednesday, conveniently at a time when the Ravens get some firepower back in their lineup with added practice time. Then they made sure the Ravens (not Steelers) have an extra recovery day the following week. But I do think the Broncos game should have been cancelled or postponed. Im a diehard Saints fan and I even had to turn away from the screen after the first few series
  11. My commissioner has a tough decision to make. In our league we are allowed to make “Covid Hypotheticals”. Meaning via text we can say “if player B ends up not playing due to Covid related reasons then I would have played player A”. Well I specifically drafted my Covid Hypothetical very carefully. I said I would start Benny Snell if he ends up playing on Tuesday. If the game is postponed to any other day then I would start Drake. My thinking was was that I like Benny Snell vs the Ravens on Tuesday with not much preparation time by the Ravens. But if Covid causes any delay the
  12. Hypothetically it’s 24-3 Steelers late in the 2nd quarter. Is it Justice Hill time or would Gus Bus still be the guy.
  13. You know every media outlet is trying to interview this guy. The guys best game of his life came against Presbyterian College. Now he goes from practice squad scrub to an NFL starter at QB.
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