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  1. I get a smidge of return scoring (0.05 points per yard). Lockett was tied for most fantasy points by a WR through week 9, then he got hurt. Like a warrior, he played injured and was primarily a decoy. When he had healed up, he scored 26 points week 15, 20 points week 17 and then 30 in their playoff loss. He scored 3 points week 16 in the fantasy super bowls that he carried teams to so everyone hates him now.
  2. So I’m really not allowed to do this but I’m briefly stopping in from the future and thought I’d let a few people know that Alvin Kamara signs with the KC Chiefs as a free agent next year. Do with this information what you will.
  3. he slipped to the 9th round in a BB10 draft I did last week. That guy wins the league if Hill gets no suspension.
  4. i bet that playoff fumble will really help his cause
  5. whats with this guy starting 2019 threads? Chiefs and Tyreek are still in the playoffs. Keep it in the 2018 thread until the season is over. I feel like this is bad luck/ bad juju what ever.
  6. I was starting ASJ much of the year in a deep dynasty league. Several times he was awarded a TD only to have those 6 points ripped away from me. He's not a closer but i could easily see 6-7 TD this year.
  7. That’s a terrible draft. Luckily there’s probably tons of talent on the wire in an 8 team.
  8. My money (and roster spot) is on Cole. He had bigger games than any JAX WR since ARob, 2015 version.
  9. So the Jets could have had Rosen (who the Jets fans i know preferred anyway), Sutton, and Guice instead of trading up. I acknowledge that they were in a situation where they needed to trade up to ensure a QB, but that could have completely remodeled the offense.
  10. Sir Isaac Newton is rolling over in his mf'ing grave.
  11. John Beck has the same ball sped (61.3mph) as Josh Allen (62mph). Let that sink in.
  12. They can but it rarely happens. When it does, its pretty big news. The most famous instances were Eli drafted by Chargers, Bo Jackson by the Bucs, and of course Elway by the Colts. Eli and Elway threatened to sit out and got their way and got traded, bo jackson didnt play for TB.
  13. DerrickHenrysMom can go away now until next year.
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