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  1. He doesn't need to start, he just needs 20-25 mpg, and considering Melo's defence I think he will get there.
  2. I'm in love with this guy, the best WW pickup I have ever had. 😍
  3. He won't be a starter always and the minutes will be split between Theis, Robert Williams and Kanter, sometimes event Grant Williams. Stevens is just using them based on matchup and none of these guys will be consistent enough. He said it at one point, here is the info: https://www.nba.com/celtics/news/post-ups Also Celtics insider Jay King said the same thing:
  4. So glad I picked up him and PJ Washington, instead of end-of-the-bench filers I got some real production. I think they will only get better as the season progresses.
  5. When Rondo broke his hand, he was out 5 weeks
  6. Add now, ask questions later. Dropped Shamet for him, always looking for upside
  7. FG% is going to drop for sure, but he gets enough shots to average around two threes per game IMO.
  8. He is a good shot blocker, but sometimes he wants that block so hard he leaves his man so he can block someone's shot with help defense. Better players see this and get the ball moving and score. Also he is making dumb fouls because he doesn't keep his hands up when following defender. Positioning is a problem too, as @richg24 said. IMO he won't get that many minutes, but could have some fantasy value in certain matchups.
  9. Twelve threes in two games, I can already see myself complaining when he hits "only" half.
  10. My guess is he won't be a starter every night and he will most likely split minutes with Robert Williams and Enes Kanter. His time on the court will probably be based on matchup, so I don't see any consistency
  11. There is definitely 1/1/1 potential with this kid. My guess is he'll play in low to mid 20's since he can cover multiple positions and is great in small-ball lineups. I just don't see corpses like Marvin Williams and Nic Batum playing too much because this team is all about future now and developing their assets. Even if he doesn't get the minutes right away, I think it's only matter of time.
  12. Hm, I thought he was in his final year of a deal, but now I see he has a player option next year, which I assume he will pick up. But I still think there are teams that could use him (like the Rockets).
  13. I own them both, it was all bread and butter until Huerter and Bembry got in the mix. I think they'll both be traded, Baze is too old with too got of a contract to be on a rebuilding team, and it looks like the Hawks like Huerter better than Prince so he'll be gone too.
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