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  1. Shouldn't he have tested again today? Surprised we haven't heard news, regardless if it was positive or negative...
  2. I would not do this trade. Deebo is solid and trading him hurts your WR depth. Realistically you would never start Melvin over Carson or Dalvin, and to me, Gurley is basically the same player as MG3, if not a bit better. Not high on MG3 at all, he had a lucky game where he got 2 TDs but otherwise looks bad running and is on an awful offense.
  3. We play in a 3 WR1 Flex league so potentially starting 4 a week (which im doing, im weak at RB). My RBs are Zeke, Mostert/Mckinnon and a bunch of lotto tickets. Currently sitting at 2-2
  4. I actually think AJ Brown >> Hollywood for rest of season (assuming injures/covid don't play a major factor). I don't think Hollywood gets the target share he needs to be elite, Mark Andrews is the #1 passion option and just based on my own eye test, I dont think Lamar is throwing as well this year. Personally, I like the trade and would do it just to get the best player (AJ Brown) in the deal. Mike Davis has maybe 1-2 more weeks of value and then he goes back to nothing. I feel like Ekeler's injury is worse than we think and he will miss substantial time.
  5. I would actually look to move Keenan before Chark. It really depends on if you think Lynn will go back to Tyrod Taylor at QB. If so, I'm pretty low on Keenan ROS. Keenan is literally at a high right now with Herbert, saw that he had something like 45% of the target share. This seems unsustainable and I 100% do not trust Tyrod to be a competent QB at all.
  6. We play in a 3 WR1 Flex league so potentially starting 4 a week (which im doing, im weak at RB). My RBs are Zeke, Mostert/Mckinnon and a bunch of lotto tickets. Currently sitting at 2-2
  7. I got offered Julio for my Juju. 0.5 PPR and my other WRs are Nuk, Amari, Woods, Crowder and Mooney.
  8. I would only do trade 1 if you can also pull off trade 2. For trade 1, def target Zeke over CEH but stand alone, your WR depth is way too thin. If you can pull in another WR like DK then I think rolling w Godwin/DK would be fine and having 2 stud RBs. I never really value TEs and I think Gesiki is pretty bad but there has to be better streaming options on your wire
  9. I would hold Conner and at least see what happens this week. You have Snell so either way you're guaranteed the backfield. Don't know yet for sure if JK Dobbins is taking over and we could see Mark Ingram still play a large role in that run game. I also don't value John Brown that much mostly bc I don't trust Josh Allen to support 2 fantasy relevant WRs and Diggs is still the #1.
  10. Who would you rather have in 0.5 PPR formats - Cooper Kupp, DK Metcalf, or DJ Moore?
  11. My other 1B are Eric Hosmer and Wil Myers. My 2nd/3rd B are Brian Dozier, Mike Moustakas, Scooter Gennett, Matt Davidson, Chris Taylor, and Joe Panik
  12. I'm new to watching baseball so I need some advice on a trade offer I got, this is a 10 team 10 CAT league: My Goldschmidt plus 1 of Porcello/Ohtani/Chase Anderson for his Jose Ramirez plus 1 of Arrieta/Alex Wood/Kuechel Should I take this offer? And if so, which pitchers should I give up/ask for in return?
  13. I'd start Landry because the NO defense is awful. Def wouldn't start Theilan and the Vikings defense is pretty solid so I could see Tate having a quiet day. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672277-should-i-hold-on-to-zeke-or-trade-now-whir/
  14. I'd start Watkins. His injury is the least likely to affect his performance and Dallas has a weak secondary. The other two have real injury concerns. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672277-should-i-hold-on-to-zeke-or-trade-now-whir/
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