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  1. I need 12 points standard out of Morris to make the championship. Am I in trouble?
  2. I need at least 12 point from Morris to make the championship.
  3. Ok, so if I go with Bal should I sit Gordon? My other options are Derrick Henry, Doug Martin and Kerwynn Williams.
  4. Rodgers is pretty careful with the ball. I think Big Ben is going to have to air air it out to keep up with Brady, so I think NE has the possibility to get more turn overs.
  5. I have the Ravens @ CLE, I know easy decision right? I also have Josh Gordon who I have been flexing with good results. I have the DEN D vs IND as well. I started the Ravens D when they played HOU and I started Hopkins. That worked out ok.
  6. Thanks, that's how I have it set now. Standard scoring btw.
  7. I'm in the first round of the playoffs and I can start 2-rb's, 2-wr's and a flex. At rb I have fournette, a. Morris, and gio Bernard. At we I have Hopkins, thielen, and josh Gordon. One guy has to sit. Fournette has the worst matchup but he's a work horse. I have to sit one guy. Who would you sit?
  8. Yeah I think if you can hang onto woodhead he has some good matchups ahead.
  9. Here's some of the top available dst, GB vs CLE, JETS vs DEN, DEN vs JETS, IND vs BUFF, KC vs OAK.
  10. I thought so too, but I have josh gordon and may flex him.
  11. How does everyone feel about starting them? Last time they only scored 3 points and they lost a good corner. I know big ben can be a pickmaster, but thee steelers will likely put up 20+ points.
  12. I'm not dropping him. I'm thinking Murray is about out of gas and if not, I'm not losing anything keeping him on my bench.
  13. Now he says he doesn't like playing in the cold!
  14. Ok thanks, hopefully he gets back to normal soon.
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