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  1. Yes thats possible but the steelers haven't been looking good on offense as of late
  2. Ahmed and Washington are both doubtful. Good chance gasking play this week
  3. I think gaskin will retain his role. None of his replacement was impressive
  4. I think fitzmagic will ball out however long he start. This might be his last dance and I know he going out with a bang. It also helps that Mia is still in the hunt for playoff
  5. Jk was positive Monday that makes it 9 days this wednesday
  6. Since jk and ingram are eligible to play this week then conner should be eligible next week
  7. Would he still be this good next season without steriod?
  8. I love how atl still kick fg eventho they up by 37 points
  9. Terry did his thing. Its not his fault Dallas couldn't stop gibson from stomping them
  10. I love the disrespect, the look on your opponents face when your team beat projection by a wide margin is soul crushing
  11. Idk who he is but his name is glorious. Its like Zeus, himself, came down from mount Olympus and bestow us with another Greek god
  12. The chief gonna unleash him in the playoff like they did Williams last year. CEH will look amazing, which will be what people remember. CEH will trick you to draft him 2nd round next year thus completing the circle of Kansas wheel of misfortune rb
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