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  1. Not created yet, waiting on enough interest. Need at least 11 people good to go... Anybody else in?
  2. Play in other leagues? Always frustrated to find half the league is inactive? This is probably the league for you. Looking for ACTIVE members only, there will be a group chat on GroupMe to encourage this. The league will begin with an AUCTION, this way you can build your team any player you want, if you're prepared to pay the price! All future drafts will be snake, based on final records. 14 teams (will consider 12 if not enough people interested, or 16 if more people interested) 15 man rosters 2 IR spots 10 keepers 9 Cat H2H scoring If th
  3. No Draft date yet as no league as of yet, i'll only create the league if interest is there.
  4. Will create league as long as a minimum of 10 (preferably more) ACTIVE and COMMITED players apply. Please note this will be a FREE league, your money is no good here. Some basic start-up rules below. Initial draft to be an Auction Draft All future drafts based on lottery/final records 9 cat scoring 15 man rosters 10 keepers (10 must be selected) Inactivity will result in you being replaced GroupMe or Slack to be used as league chat channel. If interested please message below and i'll get back to you once interest has grown to a league fi
  5. Still very interested, maybe bump up teams if more people interested? brown.jez@gmail.com
  6. I’m looking to join a start up, ideally with 12 teams or more and an auction draft. Committed player, just not the time to organise one myself. Anybody serious about starting a new league out there?
  7. Hi, I'm looking for New ESPN Keeper/Dynasty League to join with over 10 teams and Auction Draft ideally, anybody setting up a league need a commited player?
  8. Hi, I can't see this team, but if it's a categories league i'll take it on, I like a challenge. Will DM also. Thanks
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