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  1. 1st offer: Conley for Jimmy Butler 2nd offer: Conley + Buddy Hield for Chris Paul + Robert Covington I have the 2nd seed pretty much locked up at this point and the only thing keeping me from accepting the Butler offer is that I would get an extra game out of Conley in the potential championship week, and the Grizzlies' 2 game week during the playoffs would fall during my bye week. Thoughts?
  2. Since you're punting assists I would probably lean towards picking up Waiters. He'll get you more points without hurting your FG% as much. To be honest though, I don't think there's anyone that I would drop from your team for either of them. A 2 for 1 involving Lopez would be my suggestion - you're getting enough points elsewhere and he doesn't do enough on the boards to warrant keeping him. I'd target either rebounds/blocks or 3s/steals, whichever one you need more help in.
  3. I'm in a 12 team 9 cat daily H2H league. Compared to other teams in my league, it seems like I'd be losing every matchup or just barely winning 5-4. However, Kawhi's been injured for me and two of my main guys - Myles Turner and Aaron Gordon only played one game. I'm not sure if my team is just weak due to the injury bug or if there's a significant weakness, and I feel like I could use some outside perspective. Any advice would be appreciated. PG - Patrick Beverley SG - Gary Harris G - Joe Ingles SF - Aaron Gordon PF - Kristaps Porzingis F - Myles Turner
  4. What are the categories? It seems like you have a really solid team all around. You have both Kawhi and Davis, which is awesome. Lowry gets you a lot of 3s but he's been underperforming this year and his assists don't really help you too much. I would try to move him if you can. Someone like Porzingis or Turner in return for a package with Lowry would be amazing. As for waiver wire pickups, give John Collins a look. He's a rebounding machine and he's only going to get better as the year continues imo.
  5. Definitely Collins. Besides him, as others have said Levert and Warren both have season-long breakout potential, but if you're just looking for a streamer I'd look at Crabbe, Turner, Levert, or Olynyk in that order.
  6. Ingles Hill Young Booker Len Of course, it largely depends on your team's needs.
  7. I'm in a competitive 14 team auction H2H Points league. 8-man lineups are set weekly. I'd appreciate any feedback on my recent draft. PG - Damian Lillard $46 SG - Victor Oladipo $14 G - Gary Harris $12 SF - Aaron Gordon $16 PF - Demarcus Cousins $47 F - Blake Griffin $35 C - Dwight Howard $12 UTL - Steven Adams $7 BN - Josh Richardson $3 BN - Terrence Ross $2 BN - Rajon Rondo $2 BN - Demarre Carroll - Waiver IL - Jabari Parker $3
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