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  1. Ivory showed well this year. Running and catching. His drawback is physical running style puts him in injured risk which is avoided this year with the light workload. Can’t trust ivory as long term solution. But he should be RB1 as spot start today against helpless Colts def.
  2. Ivory caught 9 passes last week. If Fournett is indeed out, Ivory over Mack all day everyday.
  3. Feed the beast. Drafted him over McCoy and Freeman and no regrets. He should continue to do well. Denver def is not good against receiving rb. The only concern is durability. Hope he can stay relative healthy for the whole year.
  4. I totally agree. Unless you need the roster spot, this is a quick hold in which you wil out next week.
  5. It's more like Alf is the workhorse runner. DMC is injured prone and suited to be change of pace back and maybe pass catching duties. People just assume DMC 29 years old with multiple injuries and inactive for the first 6 weeks all of a sudden becomes the lead back. Yeah, right.
  6. There's nothing to agonize. Perine is horrible before and he will be horrible now. His only saving grace is GL 1 yard punch in TD potential.
  7. I think you are holding on a technicality that no one cares about. Please tell that to Zeke lawyers how they should get a hold on a preliminary injunction which they got in less than a day from Texas court before.
  8. No one is saying Zeke has an injunction. He may not even pursuit to go down that route all together and served the inevitable suspension. Your point about Zeke cannot get injunction before next Sunday is mute because he CAN AND WILL if he files. You obviously don't have any understanding of the legal preceding. It's like saying Zeke cannot get his driver license before the DMV has to grant him one.
  9. Alfred Morris is the pickup here. Great as backup to Zeke and showed burst in 70 yard+ TD run. Last 2 weeks, everyone spent big on Murray and then Mckinnon. How is Morris not better than those 2 given Dallas OL and Deke is much more competent QB with strong WR corp?
  10. This is incorrect. The suspension is reinstated right now. The suspension is EXPECTED to put on hold if/when Zeke attorney files an appeal with the NY state court, which can happen way before next Sunday.
  11. Pokémon reference, lol. Well Morris fantasy owner is hoping Morris can become Dragonite, but I will take a power up Magikarp behind the best OL as free pickup. Best yet, you can flip him and another decent player to Zeke owner for a stud.
  12. Just picked up Alfred Morris because I was so happen on rotoworld when the news broke. This legal battle is not over. If Zeke appeals in NY, I could see this drag out another 3-4 weeks and then suspension upheld. If Brady gets suspended, there's no chance Zeke walks away free. It's just a matter of when the suspension takes place. Back to the timeline, if Zeke's suspension takes place next week, you have a free RB2 helps you make the playoff. If legal battle drags out and Zeke is suspended in 3-4 weeks, you have a free RB2 through the fantasy playoff.
  13. Have you see Perine play? He is absolutely dreadful and is a replacement level talent.
  14. Sam Perijine is replacement level talent. Chris Thompson is best served as gadget player that shouldn't carry the majority of the workload. Fat Rob if healthy can get you similar Alfred Morris production few years ago.
  15. Gallman has shown 3 down back ability: Running, catching and pass blocking. I am a Giants fan and saw 2 games of Gallman play. The announcer makes the point that Gallman always falls forward. He turns a 3 yard gain into 5 yard gain because he knows how to position his body going down. To me, he passes the eye test and with opportunity, could become a strong fantasy asset.
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