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  1. They still haven’t credited him a three pointer and a rebound. Anyone else notice this or am I going crazy?
  2. No. They usually aren’t worth reading at all.. I just thought this one was exceptionally bad.
  3. His blurb on Yahoo suggests they might cut into his minutes because he’s a vet? Isn’t this his 3rd year in the league?
  4. Shabazz napier was out, so stotts played with the rotation.
  5. Thanks tongs! Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have to wait until I can get on a computer to do it.
  6. I would 100% accept this trade. Lillard and butler are both boarderline first round picks, and I don’t like what will potentially happen when Tyreke is traded, whereas markkanen is only going to have a bigger role as the season progresses.
  7. Doesnt change the fact that he was top 20 during that time period as outlined earlier. Nobody said he’s going to be top-20 for the rest of season. But for real, you should let it go. Is there a way to mute users on this site?
  8. this might be good for him. When he’s engaged, he plays well, and when he’s not, he’s horrible. Hopefully having to earn his minutes will keep him engaged. But his history shows otherwise..
  9. I don’t own Chris Paul anymore.. but do you guys think this could cause chemistry problems?
  10. So far, he’s only played in games that he’s had 2 days off or more. I’m guessing he will play Friday and Monday, sit out Saturday.
  11. Probs dinwiddie and tyus. Both are tied to other players coming back off injuries.
  12. Nevermind. I think there’s an issue with the scorers. I can’t imagine he’s played 9 minutes with no stats whatsoever.
  13. There’s something to be valued in owning a player like lillard in fantasy. He is probably the toughest guy in the nba.
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