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  1. How does he turn the ball over so much?
  2. We really don't need to bring up his page every time he has an off night. He's an established player and valuable fantasy asset at this point and, barring injury, that's not changing.
  3. Yeah as long as he’s getting minutes, he’s gonna be fantasy relevant because of how many open looks he’ll get on this team.
  4. Real talk, he's not on your roster, so why do you waste your time sitting on this forum? Go enjoy the Vassell forum and stop being so bitter you missed out on one waiver player.
  5. Sent so many sell low offers on him to basically every team and no one accepted them. So glad for that now.
  6. Please get off this guy's forum already if you don't have him. We don't care.
  7. Got demolished by Diggs, but would've still won had I not taken Jeff Wilson out of my lineup last minute. Don't think I'll ever live that down.
  8. Putting this in the Vent and Rant thread in advance. Up by 9.08 with my Josh Allen vs. his Diggs and Buffalo kicker. Made poor bench decisions that could've clinched it for me already. Instead I'll have to sweat it out tomorrow night.
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