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  1. I did this and got KAT for my Siakam.
  2. You guys are nuts. You KaT owners are terrified. Just traded to get him in both my leagues. Tobias Harris in one and Siakam in the other.
  3. 10 category, 1 IR spot (I have KP and Kevin Love). Take this right? KAT is a legitimate top 3 10 cat player.
  4. I get the sarcasm, and its true. I played 4 leagues this year. Finishing 1st, 1st, 3rd, and 1st. In 1st I drafted Kelce, 3rd Kelce (Lost semis due to playing a s---y lineup, lost by 2 points, seriously), 1st Kittle, and the other 1st, I had Logan Thomas and Gronk. Granted I somehow grabbed Kamara in all 4 leagues this year. TE seems all too valuable tbh.
  5. Running with AJ Brown over Jakobi Meyers. Have a 41 point lead with just Brown to go vs his Diggs, Jonnu Smith, and Bill D.
  6. I dont think I play Akers over J Rob... J Rob is trusted with 1 mediocre game...
  7. Interesting about the Connor touches. any more suggestions?
  8. Sanders and crowder or Johnson Safest bet is sanders and crowder for me
  9. oof, this is tough even with CMC out... I would rather play team 1
  10. In a league with 2 flexes. Flex can be WR or RB. For my WR I am auto starting Keenan Allen, but then of my flexes, I need to choose 3 of 6. Deebo Samuel, Juju, Brandin Cooks, Keke Coutee, James Conner, and TY Hilton. I am personally leaning towards Deebo Samuel (I feel 12 is his floor) Juju (1 bad game right? but he had 10 targets so Ben is clearly targeting him and with Conner back this should open up targets for him better) Ty Hilton? After watching the highlights of the last 2 games, it seems they are scheming for him, but its also very risky, because what if he comes back t
  11. Yea, hes been feasting for me after Burrow and Brees on my team went down.
  12. If I have a mid to late 1sdt rnd pick next year, Im getting kelce. Stud.
  13. Team in playoff contention gives Carlos Hyde David Montgomery Brian Hill Team out of playoff hopes gives Davante Adams Kalen Ballage They are telling me it should have gone to a vote. This is an auto veto right?
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