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  1. 0 blocks this season so far, man do I miss the NO AD...He will always be Lebron’s b****....
  2. yep, not to mention early season shutdown...I'm worried about all the blowouts, reminds me when Durant first got there..Curry was only playing 3 quarters, not what you want from your 1st pick, a 3 quarter player...Only hope is Green makes them just competitive enough for Curry to play the 4th quarter, smh...
  3. Haha, same here...After 48 hrs of deliberating, I finally dropped him today for Jeudy...Kirk was my WR 4, so wanted something juicier!!
  4. Draymond Green, Fournier and Dragic..traded when he was hurt
  5. I felt he was the perfect buy low guy, he is only going to get better and feel he will finish the season strong...Went hard after him and finally got him 3 weeks ago..
  6. I’m especially torn on Kupp vs A.J. Brown...This is for Flex...
  7. I honestly thought this guy had heart and pride...boy was I wrong!! 3 all-stars appearances, smh...I'm sure 3 other deserved those spot much more than this bum, as he was obviously only good because of the rest of the squad...it's like he doesn't even care out there, just wants this season to be over...Show some freaking pride out there, justify your previous 3 all-star appearances!!!
  8. Lebron just said in the 4th, ok AD, its my team, so f*** off....I want the MVP!!
  9. What a monster....Stay the f*** away Fox, seriously...Sad that when Fox comes back, it’s over....All NBA teams should be looking to trade for this guy, he really is the real deal...He could be a steal for a franchise..
  10. Could not agree more, very well said!!! I'm in a DD league, so you can imagine my frustration...You're freaking AD, you can't average 10 RBS, sad....
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