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  1. I play in a Points League where a FG and FT miss is -0,5 . Steals & Blocks +2 and TO - 2. How would you rank these 3 Players ?
  2. I play in a Points League where a FG and FT miss is -0,5 . Steals & Blocks +2 and TO - 2. How would you rank these 3 Players ?
  3. What do you think about his Defense ? I read that Spoelstra used him against Siakam Lowry & VanFleet. If he'll get the starting spot i think he will get his touches because of Bams ability to pass and the Defense of the oponnent will be more focused on Jimmy and Herro.
  4. What are your thoughts on KZ Okpala. There is some smokescreen that he could be the Starter at the PF Position in Miami this Year.
  5. What do you think how many minutes he will play on an nightly basis until everbody is healthy ? Will he Backup Thomas Bryant and althought get minutes at the 4 ?
  6. You're right, but Siakam was a Breakout Player in my Opinion not a Sleeper. I'll make a difference between a true Sleeper and a Breakout Player. Perhaps Siakam was a Hybrid last Year.
  7. Had a really nice Pre Season and it looks like he will be the backup the 4 and the 5 Spot. If thats the Case 25 Mins are possible. He has a reliable 3 Point Shot which will be crucial with Zion on the floor. I think he has the Chance to be a Top Sleeper ! I would like to her your Opinion on him.
  8. It looks like he will earn the starting SF Spot. In a starting 5 that includes Curry and Russel who will both be the main focus of the oppsing Defense and Green who is willing to pass and Looney who is a low usage guy, i can see him carving out a nice Role . He looks like a real Sleeper to me. What kind of numbers can we expect out of him if he runs with the starters ?
  9. Can he crack the Rotation and carve out a Role in which he sees 20-25 mins ? Here is the last Rotoworld Quote: "He was among the first players off the bench for Philly, an indication that he'll be in the rotation with coach Brett Brown practically calling the first half a rehearsal. This guy is a stocks machine with 4.5 steals and 2.9 blocks per 40 minutes as a senior at Washington, so that kind of defensive upside puts him on the radar as a stocks specialist."
  10. Looks good so far in the PreSeason. How realistic is it that he gets 25 Min an NIght on an Daily Basis. Perhaps 15 at C and 10 at PF ?! I think in the new fast System the Grizzlys are playing he can be very productive in 25 mins.
  11. I would like to know your Opinion on Ish Smith. Wall ist out and i think IT is done. It's most likely that Smith will see 32 mins a Night. The last time that he was a Starter on a bad Team he was able to put up some decent numbers in Philly 2015/2016
  12. What do you think about Shamet for this upcoming Season ? It seems like Doc loves him and will use him sometimes as a PG. There's a quote where he says Shamet is Curryesque. Is he capable of producing 15 / 2,5 / 4 on good percentages ?
  13. He had a usage Rate about 31 in Pre Season. I Think he will have a big big Season !
  14. Will the Kay Felder signing affect his value ? I thnik he can put uo some steallar Numbers to start the Season, but he needs his 30-32 Minutes to do so.
  15. If Nelson is waived i think we will se a 50/50 timeshare between Mudiay and Murray . Murray will also see some backup Minutes as a sg.
  16. Thanks for your opinion. You think WCS is not locked in for heavy minutes ? He is in his 3rd Year and had produced very well since the Boogie Trade.
  17. How many minutes can we expect from Skal ? Hay anyone news about the probale rotations ? I cant imagine Z-Bo plays about 30 Minutes.
  18. What do you think about Deyounte Murray ? I was wonderring that he hasnt his own Thread. Perhaps someone with the Rights can manage it ?! It seems like Pop likes him and he has the Chance to start the Season with Tony P injured. What can we expect for a Statline / Minutes since Tony Parker comes back ?
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