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  1. 21 minutes ago, rando said:

    Melli has looked good, and could fit well into the NOP rotation. However, top sleeper is a little much to anoint him with. Maybe he is a solid rotation guy and can fill out categories late like a mini-swiss army knife, but a top sleeper is someone like Siakam from last year, who was a mid round guy who completely blew the doors off projections and made himself into an unquestioned early round guy. 


    You're right, but Siakam was a Breakout Player in my Opinion not a Sleeper. I'll make a difference between a true Sleeper and a Breakout Player. Perhaps Siakam was a Hybrid last Year.

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  2. Had a really nice Pre Season and it looks like he will be the backup the 4 and the 5 Spot. If thats the Case 25 Mins are possible. He has a reliable 3 Point Shot which will be crucial with Zion on the floor. I think he has the Chance to be a Top Sleeper !

    I would like to her your Opinion on him.

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  3. It looks like he will earn the starting SF Spot. In a starting 5 that includes Curry and Russel who will both be the main focus of the oppsing Defense and Green who is willing to pass and Looney who is a low usage guy, i can see him carving out a nice Role . He looks like a real Sleeper to me. What kind of numbers can we expect out of him if he runs with the starters ?

  4. Can he crack the Rotation and carve out a Role in which he sees 20-25 mins ?

    Here is the last Rotoworld Quote:

    "He was among the first players off the bench for Philly, an indication that he'll be in the rotation with coach Brett Brown practically calling the first half a rehearsal. This guy is a stocks machine with 4.5 steals and 2.9 blocks per 40 minutes as a senior at Washington, so that kind of defensive upside puts him on the radar as a stocks specialist."

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