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  1. Right... gets bumped by 75 right before the beginning of above clip and the other bump is obvious. Last week some Miami defensive linemen cleared another teammate.
  2. Injured by his own o-line smh, hopefully nothing major.
  3. Looking to improve team by sending a package of bench players for (potential) great dynasty asset. Send: Matt Breida, John Ross, Keke Coutee, 2.02, 2.08 Receive: Marquise Brown, 2.09, 2.10 The players I'm sending aren't considered startable with greater options (see below). As 'owner' of Lamar Jackson, pairing up with Marquise Brown definitely interests me... only concern maybe for me is that Mark Andrews is also on my team and possibly too much? QB: Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Jimmy Garappolo RB: Saquan Barkley, Chris Carson, Kenyan Drake, Derrius Guice,
  4. Alvin Kamara to score less than 23 points in PPR, I don’t know... going to be close.
  5. Where do you think the following QB's will get drafted in upcoming fantasy rookie draft. Trying to see if I should move up or could move down from 2.10 to aqcuire one of them. No specific preference, just trying to get a good picture of where the individuals could go in the draft.Sam DarnoldJohn RosenJosh AllenBaker Mayfield Lamar Jackson
  6. Woods is a garantueed for some value from time to time, Rawls and Williams are gambles... but could play out.
  7. Plus T. Rawls finally rushed pretty decent with the improved line ahead of him (due the addition of Duane Brown).
  8. Looking at your depth at RB and I don't expect J. Jones injury to be that big, it's not big of a deal in my opinion. Maybe upcoming matchup(s) he will be questionable, but should be fit with play-offs (if nothing goes wrong).
  9. Maybe he likes L. Fournette over M. Gordon or he thinkgs the chances of a breakdown/injury with M. Gordon is higher. Since they pretty even, I would just pick the one you personally like more in this trade. Could you give your opinion on potential trade in my topic?
  10. I'm in a major rebuilding and got lots of picks upcoming rookie draft. Check below for my total amount of picks. Now I have gotten a offer for one of my high picks in the first round (potential top 3). I got offered Corey Coleman and a 2019 2nd for that potential top 3, 1st round pick. How do you guys value this trade, should I do it or not. I'm not sure since Corey Coleman is injury prone so far and on the Browns (although he could have a high volume if the Browns finally draft a good QB). Another part is that I feel like I don't need a WR that bad, upcoming draft really want to upgrade my RB
  11. Maybe I should have avoided it, but drafted Rawls last year after that good year he had and got C.J. Prosise and Chris Carson both via good trades in my opinion. And since we can keep 30 players, I thought it was worth a shot in the hope atleast one will become the lead back and in that case I could have a RB1 option.
  12. I would definitely keep Hunt and Elliot, since Chiefs offense is clicking at the moment. The only problem with Elliot is when his possible suspension goes in, you might miss him at the end of the season and even fantasy play-offs?! Then between Howard and Gordon, I would see what you can get for both of them and take the highest upgrade, if that helps.
  13. I'm in a deep dynasty league (12 teams, 30 player rosters, PPR). Currently owner of almost the complete Seattle RB core expect Eddie Lacy. Since it's unclear if Thomas Rawls will stay healthy I acquired CJ Prosise as handcuff last year and now Chris Carson this season. But on the long term I want to move atleast one player, since there is no reason to keep all three of them when the roles are more clear. I want to keep Thomas Rawls and see if he can get healthy, so the main question is who to keep between CJ Prosise and Chris Carson?! After yesterday, I'm higher on Chr
  14. I'm in a deep dynasty league (12 teams, 30 player rosters) and need some help at the TE position. Currently owner of Dwayne Allen, Vance McDonald, Zach Miller and Michael Roberts. Possible targets for next waiver wire; Jesse James Seth Devalve Which one would be the best option and which of the TE's could I easily drop ir try to get something back for in a trade?
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