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  1. Seems like a coin flip since they have the exact same amount of yardage and touchdowns so far, but Williams has received a significant amount of more targets this year, particularly with Rosen under center. Also, it's worth noting that the Dolphins have faced the Patriots, Ravens, Cowboys, and Chargers so far. Not a murderers row of defenses, but all strong with the exception of LAC due to so many injuries. This redskins D should be a significant downgrade in competition compared to what they've gone up against so far this year. Not saying he's a lock to put up numbers by any means, but there's hope at least.
  2. Agree with this, if anything the young backs will get eased in to spell Gurley over the course of the season, wait til week 2 or so when he has a monster game and get a nice return.
  3. aaron jones as well I think is the better/safer bet. I think Jacobs has a ton of talent, but Raiders might be one of the worst teams/offensive lines this year so I think that's where Jones takes it.
  4. Not sure of the exact rules but 1 scenario looks good like others said
  5. Not sure which to flex for week 1: David Montgomery vs GB or: Marlon Mack @ LAC I think Montgomery is a riskier play since we don’t know how they’re going to split carries in Chicago especially early on, but he looked real good in limited preseason action. Mack has more of a guaranteed volume, but having Brissett at QB has me worried they’ll be trailing all game if the chargers come out rolling. WHIR!
  6. He’s never had more than 13 carries in a season, why would he get 4x that much in NE? Especially with how many RB’s on the pats roster. With that being said, as a pats fan I hope he ends up being great and putting up solid numbers. But so far from preseason it looks like the pats are more invested in Dorsett as the third receiver, although he’s looked meh at best so far. Patterson makes more sense to me since the patriots lack a big body receiver (although they do have Gronk), so I’d like them to show off a bit more size with Patterson rather than Dorsett. Im curious if BB is so concerned about getting his kick returner hurt that he’ll limit him to the previously mentioned gadget plays that CP is known for. Belichick values special teams maybe more than any head coach out there, so it wouldn’t surprise me.
  7. I think cooks and amendola being gone are going to help Gronk’s stats more than any receiver on the pats. Between the two of them there are 1700+ yards and 9 td’s to replace from last years offense. With Edelman out the first 4 games I’ll be surprised if he tops 800 yards this year. Unless one of the new wr’s really breaks through, I see a fair chunk of those yards and td’s coming gronks way.
  8. Eliot, cant trust the bills offense to do anything right now
  9. Amari Cooper vs DEN Paul Richardson at SF Cooper has been better lately, but still not great and has a tough matchup. Paul Richardson has cooled off a bit lately but was involved last week, and has a much nicer matchup. Also, I'm in a must win scenario this week and my opponent has Russell Wilson.
  10. Pats are almost locked in to win the division and are firing on all cylinders as of late, at this point I think they're letting Hogan take his time so that he's good to go for the (real) playoffs. Might not work out too well for us on the fantasy side. I don't think Mitchell being back would hurt his volume, that just means Dorsett rides the pine the rest of the way.
  11. I think I'd actually go Cutler this week against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, I don't like Manning up against KC coming off the bye. That Giants team is toxic right now.
  12. I think I'd do it. I have Cooper and I know your pain. That and with Curtis Samuel out the rest of the year and Kelvin Benjamin gone, Funchess should get more looks in general.
  13. As a former Rodgers owner, I've been getting by streaming QB's and managed to grab Stafford who I've been riding with success lately. I had Winston as my backup, but that obviously didn't work out well. I'm close to out of money on my waiver wire pickups, so potentially looking for someone to take Staffords place if he gets in a slump or has a real bad matchup. Here are the options: Ben Roethlisberger vs. TEN, GB, CIN, BAL, NE, HOU Andy Dalton vs. DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, MIN DET Bortles vs. CLE, ARI, IND, SEA, HOU, SF J Brissett vs. BYE, TEN, JAX, DEN, BAL Also, here's Staffords schedule: CHI, MIN, BAL, TB, CHI, CIN. All tougher matchups aside from TB. What's my best option? If Stafford keeps producing I'll obviously ride him out, but with those matchups I'd assume some duds. Should I hold onto Winston and hope he comes back healthy? He has an easier schedule than Stafford for sure. Right now I'm thinking Big Ben, but mostly due to lack of better options.
  14. The patriots weren't giving up a ton of points and yardage in their first few games due to lack of skill or talent, it was miscommunication, blown reads, people being out of position. Gilmore is new to the system and the Pats lost safety Logan Ryan to free agency, so it seems like it was more growing pains than anything else. They're getting comfortable with the system now and have shown vast improvement, but they're still not an amazing defense and have some holes. Like others said, I think a lot of this game will depend on how Carr plays. Patriots haven't been big on putting pressure on the QB, so he shouldn't be hurried up too much.
  15. The original poster literally said that Brady would increase Hogans targets to pad his box score because they're playing the bills, so I explained that's not happening. I understand that it's a phrase, thats not lost on me.
  16. Definitely wouldn't mind if this turned into an Ingram/Kamara situation, if only both players were more talented..
  17. You can kinda play that sample game both ways though. Two out of the last three weeks McKinnon has had less than 60 total yards, and is averaging less than 3.5 ypc, While Murray is averaging 4+ ypc and touches are trending towards Murray's favor. Not saying you're wrong, I'd still rather start McKinnon over Murray, but it's easy to make a point when you can cherry pick your sample size, and to me the most recent trends are the most important.
  18. Both trades work out pretty well for you I'd say. But for fair warning, the Steelers usually don't do very well against the Pats, nice matchup on paper but may not work out too much better than Gurley vs SEA.
  19. I'd say it's pretty fair, and I'd do the deal if it works for you. You've got a lot of mid level rb talent and could use more high end potential.
  20. Not sure I see your logic there? He didn't travel to Denver last week, so he won't travel to Mexico City this week? Not saying you're wrong, and the fact that he hasn't practiced yet suggests there's good chance he doesn't play. But by your logic any time a player doesn't play an away game due to injury, he can't play the next game if it's away as well?
  21. Yeah Butlers been very streaky this year, but when he's on he locks people up. Sounds like someone else in this thread... Definitely a volatile situation but has the potential of a big game. Especially considering the way the Patriots offense is running, I would be very surprised if Oakland isn't playing catch up for the majority of the game.
  22. I would do that trade in a second. Olsen didn't get off to a hot start before getting injured this year, plus Ed Dickson has done surprisingly well as his replacement, so there's no guarantee that Olsen starts producing right once he comes back. I wouldn't be surprised if they eased him in. Davante Adams will be very boom/bust with Hundley at the helm, and like you said you won't play him with the wr's you have. Engram has been the lone bright spot on a team going nowhere, throwing the ball a lot playing from behind.
  23. McCoy for now, mostly talent based. It will be interested to see how the run game is once SF rolls with Garropolo though, could change things up.
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