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  1. This is the perfect scenario for me. I ran out of adds, so this line wont catch the eye of people in my league giving me time to grab him at midnight.
  2. Depending on your PO schedule, he could get you to the final then you need to find someone in the final week
  3. Lol back on Poku again, dropped him after his Portland game
  4. Same, I almost dropped him before this, and it would have been McDaniels I grabbed. Anyway will be good to see how he looks with the team at full strength.
  5. Perfect timing, I was really tempted to drop
  6. Finally the blocks are back! Blurb still hating on him for no assist or steals
  7. That's a shame, he should have got a trade. Even a buy out as there are a few teams that could have used him
  8. Plus is he killed it with Horford so could be good games with him and crazy games without
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