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  1. I prefer Chriss over beasley, athough I would take both of them even in a shallow league of 10 teams. Drop Reggie Jackson. Dont even think of dropping Marcus Smart... He is rotatable even in 8 teams league and will have Top75 imo going forward.
  2. We play 12 teams H2H 9 cat dynasty league. each group can keep 4 keeper to next year. I picked Will Barton from FA (so I can keep him for instead of my round 9 selection). Should i trade him for Gordon Hayward? (this year round 7 drafted, next year can keep him for my round 6 selection)
  3. Another good game tonight. I think must own in 14+ leagues , and should be owned as well in 12-team leagues.
  4. I sent email to Yahoo on the INJ tag subject, and you can see below their answer.
  5. He is already injured for a couple of weeks and not supposed to return to the court in the next week... why he don't get INJ tag in yahoo?
  6. Hey, I'm playing in 12team yahoo league, standard H2H weekly Points format. I have Darius Garland as end of the bench guy, and someone dropped Collin Sexton. Should I drop Garland for Sexton? who of those 2 have the most upside and will be better this year?
  7. How Reggie Jackson Owned in just 31% of Yahoo leagues? He has to be picked up everywhere.
  8. Added. He was really good last 3 games... and played last night decent amount of minutes depsite Richardson and Dragic back to the lineup.
  9. He released R&B album yesterday: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/v-o/1439363555 i hope this "soreness" belong to his music career, and now that the album released he can back to his basketball career.
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