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  1. Just imagining if we were lucky enough for a scenario in which Tristan and Theis were the ones who had to miss games, and then Rob had a week long audition to start. If the Celtics were to go on a winning streak it would've probably become permanent. Sucks..
  2. Yeah I scooped him because he should be solid without warren. Maybe warren doesn’t even return who knows. But now coming to this forum, I totally forgot about Jeremy lamb. Does holiday hold value regardless?
  3. I just don't understand how Porzingis who underwent surgery in OCTOBER is nearing a return, yet JJJ underwent surgery in AUGUST and still no news?!!! He's younger and less injury prone than KP, I would've expected him to return sooner.
  4. He’s not aggressive at all. Does this guy not understand he’s in a contract year? Do you wanna get paid or not??? Also he’s always open for lobs and they don’t even look for him. Very frustrating. I owned Jrue Holiday last season and traded him after first few weeks because of frustration and then eventually he balled out for someone else. So we gotta remain patient it’s still too early. Him not getting the extension is a good thing for his value, he should be extra motivated. I wouldn’t mind a trade out of Atlanta. He was ranked top 10 last season and we all knew a slight drop off
  5. Lmaoo me too! Jokic is coming along at least. But I traded Holiday Hayward and kennard for Kyrie. I can’t believe he still hasn’t hit the 20 point mark. Without Zion I expected many 30 point explosions, but without Zion Ingram and ball he can’t even crack 20?!?!?!?
  6. With Jokic, holiday, and most of my guys starting slow coupled with Collins suspension, I needed production now. I tried to think of every good reason to hold onto Jrue and I'm sure he will turn it around because his FG% is due to rise to normal career levels. However I don't know about his usage or FG attempts. Ingram is taking all the usage and shots and while holiday is filling other areas, with 14 shots per game, I think he is maxed out as a 20 PPG scorer at best. Now with Zion set to return thats even more usage and shots taken away. I traded away Holiday, Hayward and Kennard for Kyrie. I
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