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  1. Simple head to head. I'm being offered Ayton for my Vuc at the same keeper value. I'm punting assists. I think Vuc will see an uptick in 3's, but Ayton an uptick in overall performance. What are your takes? whir
  2. I think LMA's value will drop. I would focus on Paul George to round out your team.
  3. My current 12 team h2h squad. Nurkic has been disappointing and I could really use a boost in 3 pt shooting. What do you all think? lowry/ball/payton oladipo/Valentine/Matthews/Richardson Butler/Middleton RHJ/Mirotic Gobert/Nurkic/Collins
  4. Porter seems better for the punt assists build
  5. 12 team, h2h, 9 cat. I want to shore up my 3 point shooting and scoring, while trying to keep my %'s from dropping. Collins would fill in as the secondary center for Robert. pg- Lowry/Dragic/Payton/Ball sg- Oladipo/Richardson sf- Middleton/Warren pf- RHJ/Favors c-Gobert/Nurkic/Collins
  6. Have you considered flipping Blake straight up and sliding Melo to the 4. Otherwise jrue+melo is a decent offer.
  7. H2H 12 team 9 cat pg-lowry/dragic/payton/ball sg-Oladipo/richardson sf-Middleton/Warren pf-RHJ/Favors c-Gobert/Nurkic/Collins Need help w/ 3 pt shooting, to's, fg%. Think trading Fournier might shore some of my flaws.
  8. You need some balance to this roster, I'm not really sure you're good at a single category. You need to figure out a way to consolidate some stats. Maybe trade a guy like Klove for a couple point guards, or give up on big men all together. Or go for threes by trading chriss/capela for somebody like brook lopez
  9. I would do it. Capela is the best of the three, though I am high on Jackson.
  10. Take this trade and sprint. You're getting way more value.
  11. Wish I could bench Favors, but I kinda messed up the draft and only got one PF. For some reason I thought Nurkic had PF eligibility. Unfortunately I dont really have any droppable players, so I'm trying to workout a way to trade for a PF that fits my squad.
  12. 12 team H2H 9 cat pg-lowry sg- oladipo sf-middleton pf-favors c-gobert G/F- Open Spot F/C- Nurkic Util- Dragic Util-Payton Trying to decide between starting Ball, Lin, and Warren or maybe even Josh Richardson. What do you guys think?
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