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  1. Anyone knows why he played only 12 minutes tonight ?
  2. I thought when a player has already missed one week then he gets the INJ tag automatically, no?
  3. anyone remembers how did he finish last year post asb? he seems to start putting on a string of good or at least decent performances and I am wondering if he is about to step up his game in the wake of the Cousins injury and the Pels fighting for the playoffs
  4. i just hope that guy Luke Walton isnt gonna pull a "Brook Lopez" on him...
  5. to be fair, he is only getting 17 mins a game, with the second unit which is complete trash. I have seen some games and the second unit is completely useless right now, no other player is able to score so the defense easily focuses on him. The coach is treating him like garbage. They are going nowhere and this guy is the future. Why not pair him with Dinwiddie, give him 30 minutes and make the team work together with its best players and prospects together on court? Personally and with a kinda firm hold on a playoff spot I will wait until playoffs start and if Atkinson keeps on using him like
  6. this guy didnt even get in during the 4th right? what to expect from now on?
  7. I know this guy is inconsistent with his shot, but his minutes within this team is a disgrace... Geniuses...
  8. he started rolling around this period last year as well
  9. This guy has to fight with rust and an awful Cleveland team regarding chemistry roles etc. This process is dragging so much...
  10. I watch this guy playing and it seems like he is barely moving around well. Do you guys believe he is even physically capable of ballin again this year and around the fantasy playoffs?
  11. what do you think lies behind these last beast games?
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