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  1. I agree with your cautionary approach although I disagree that "he hasn't been a good pitcher in a while". For competitive fantasy teams, Ray can be slotted as an SP4 or SP5. In my opinion, he has decent upside in comparison to other depth pitchers drafted. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/robbie-ray/11486/stats?position=P One can argue that maybe last year's numbers are extreme outliers....although the WHIP will likely always be high for Ray.
  2. Hi, the league set-up through Yahoo has been in-force since 2003. The league's inception began in Québec (Canada - We The North) so most of the messaging to the league members is done in French. Due to the departure of a team owner, we are looking for a 10th member to round out the league. It's a keeper league, so every team gets to keep 6 players for a period of 3 years. Feel free to come visit the league if you are interested. (https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/vlad2017) Best of luck this season! Bonne saison de baseball!
  3. Looks like he is back just in time for the fantasy playoffs...Nice
  4. seems to be heating up oddly enough is anyone intrigued by the 33 year old?
  5. 3 innings pitched as a starter (mind you against Miami) no hits, no walks and 5 strikeouts can we expect quality starts from this excellent reliever?
  6. lol they are both excited and terrified...
  7. Any interested in joining the league. I would point out that the league’s messaging board is solely written in French. Please let us know. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1008452/invitation?key=69e99d2784478ef3&ikey=194caad5069ef85f&soc_src=app-sh
  8. I did not know that Yahoo’s fantasy baseball platform could veto a trade. I thought vetoes are only possible through other teams in the same league along with the commissioner.
  9. While Cruz has a tear, a great many fantasy owners have tears. He was tearing the cover off the ball since the All-Star break. Hopefully, it is nothing too serious since he seems « encouraged » 😢
  10. Maybe with José Ramirez second half resurgence to respectability but Puig and Franmil Reyes haven't really bolstered the Indians offense. Out of the 23 games Sale has started, he has faced a total of 13 different teams. And of those 13 different teams, only four have had an ERA over 4.00. Those four are: Yankees (4 games played), Jays (4 games played), Mariners (1 game played) and Dodgers (1 game played). While being blown out by the Mariners is a head scratcher, I wouldn't bet on an awful pitching performance against the Indians. Sale can't be a worse option than your 5th starter t
  11. Yeah!!! The Pirates are on deck this weekend. Hopefully, the series will rekindle his love for the game because his relationship with it is as cold as ice I think his hot streak started with the Pirates.
  12. Anyone know why he left today’s game early?
  13. Tonight’s Red Sox game is a perfect example of the upside from Sale.
  14. well he is 37, he'll be 38 next year, I have to believe the velocity will diminish a little...this year's hard hit rate is the highest he has ever had (by a mile)...but in the context of your question, I would still keep Verlander before Berrios and Bauer but from the looks of things, others disagree which is totally fine
  15. Yes...and I do favor JD over Charlie :) and well even without the trade not sure how anyone would be out of contention with Betts, Trout and Yelich on their team plus Arenado plus deGrom plus Morton plus Corbin cheech...dynasty keep 20...oh yeah Lindor lol
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