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  1. Diggs! Rudolophs out. More targets for Diggs. Regardless of format.
  2. Im in the semi-finals somehow. I need to revamp and go for high upside on my roster. Help me make it to the Finals. .5ppr Qb- rivers Rb- Burkhead Rb- Williams Wr- Dem Thomas Wr-Evans Wr- ?? TE-?? K- bryant D-?? B- rb- darkwa, a jones, ekeler, p barber Te- brate, olsen Wr- inman, FA- wr- Tyrell Williams, keelan cole, amendola, corey davis, albert wilson Te- ebron, jesse james, oj howard, burton Rb- stewart D-broncos, ravens, eagles Waiver wires thin help me fill in a wr, te and D. Thinking of maybe trying to get stewart for rb
  3. Hilton , Shep, Parker(if healthy/ not Ginn) and Rams DST
  4. Qb: Wilson, Winston rb:McCoy, Martin, Collins, Lat Murray, deandre Washington, wr: Julio, Hill, Diggs, Richardson, Davis te: Rudolph, Olsen and just one K and DSt I need to drop 1 to fill in for Rudlophs bye week. Vernon Davis , and Hooper are available Its tough for me but I'm leaning towards Washington/ Murray . Most likely Wash Who do you drop?
  5. I'd say probably McCaf + Adams. You can go right ahead and offer that but doubt he accepts.
  6. Thanks Jaw I totally agree! And I'm basically getting 2 out of the 3 best players and get a great QB to fill in while Winstons out.
  7. I wouldn't. Would make you real weak at wr. Not sure of your scoring . Try the waiver wire for a QB. What's the other team look like ? I would ask for a receiver from them
  8. Trade 1 : my - Keenan Allen, Demarco, Snead and Cohen for- Julio, Russ Wilson, Martavis B, Lat Murray trade 2: my- Allen, Demarco, Davante Adams, Cohen and Duke Johnson For- Julio, Doug Martin, Russ Wilson, Martavis B, Lat Murray .5ppr rec- 4-1 , 4-2 after this week qb- Winston rb- McCoy, Demarco, Duke, Ellington, Cohen, A Collins, wr- Allen, Diggs, Davante , Hill, Snead , Juju te- Rudolph
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