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  1. Y’all can’t be serious. You don’t draft a player like Wall if your not punting TOs. I’m actually 100% pleased of his production. He’s killing it for me.
  2. I got him in a huge trade before the season knowing he was a shut down risk. I have 2 injury slots so I’m not panicking. But I was hoping to flip him before things got this bad. Anybody got a guage on his value?
  3. It’s not about complaining or his draft position. No fantasy team owner should hold that only accountable to where a player is ranked or how you drafted/traded for. He’s a all around player for his whole career. The scoring is somewhat of an issue. No Jabari in the picture, contract year. I personally expected his scoring to be around 16.5-20ppg.
  4. Exactly! I also missed out on Rudy Gay who was dropped.
  5. Mcgee is a 1000% sell high. The lakers will make a trade this season and it will be for a big. Mcgee will not last playing this many minutes.
  6. Ballin! Arguably my best player with the way things have gone for me so far.
  7. When Ingram plays he makes the offense more one on one instead of run n gun. The bad thing is Ingram’s trade value is diminishing while Kuzmas and Hart’s is going up. Bron and I would say Zo are at their best when surrounded by shooters. It’s gonna be wishy washy watching these guys until they make a trade.
  8. He was referring to the first half which he was super quiet. He mounted those stats in about 11 minutes in the second half. He seems more erratic with his play. 1 quarter he’s all out, 1 half he’s sleep walking out there.
  9. ^ my same thought. Is anybody who’s actually watching the game have any insight? Like what’s his body language like?
  10. Anybody getting any trade value with him? Guy is playing super scared it seems like. Doesn’t help that Kemba is killing with iso ball.
  11. Fiz job isn’t on the line. Kanter is a free agent next year and the Knicks are tanking. NY does love Kanter but unless he takes a drastic paycut to stay (which i doubt he will). He’s gone next year. That’s why he was pushed to not opt into his deal. The lack of money teams had in the offseason was his reason for staying. Mitch Rob has a huge upside but he will have foul trouble and a lot up and downs in the beginning.
  12. I actually assumed with Parker gone and jacking up shots when he got time would put Bledsoe’s scoring up. I’m not down on him, but I expected more. Especially it being a contract year.
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