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  1. I dont think I would trade this guy for anyone. Maybe a high rb1 + high wr1 even then, hes more consistent than most wr1's
  2. Full point PPR, Would you flex Damien Harris or Henry Ruggs?
  3. yes, i believe kittle has a fractured foot and is missing extended time
  4. I picked this guy up and threw him on the bench last week. What does everyone think of his value moving forward?
  5. I'm dropping him because of BYE. Don't think hes worth rostering 2 QBs
  6. I think its safe to say to any of the stragglers still holding...its time to drop
  7. not even, there are plenty of disgruntled mixon owners that are looking to bail on him. Make an offer in your league if you don't already have him.
  8. Just traded Fournette for him. Im pretty stoked
  9. Already out the door and around the block. I just hope the trade doesn't get vetoed
  10. Oh, I should have clarified, Im the fournette owner
  11. I was offered Mixon for Fournette. Wanted to get your feedback. Probably wont help in return.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking it was important to lock one of them up. They both are gone by round 5 in most of my mock drafts and i really hate the next tier or running backs
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