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  1. Have you ever played football with a left handed QB during a REAL football game?
  2. So start both, Dallas and Hasty, if/when their best case scenarios come to fruition?
  3. Since Tua throws the football as a lefty, does this benefit Preston Williams more than Devante Parker when he lines up out wide on the left side of the field?
  4. I hear you on that,but BA even said Mike Evans is getting doubles team the whole game, and SCOTTY MILLER is surprisingly Tampa Bays leading WR. He developed chemistry/practice habits with His then QB in Pitt and now OC in Byron Leftwich. Arians KNOWS HOW to turn AB loose and lastly I remember AB ran 14-17 routes to go with 7 or 8 targets with his lone start with TB. I don’t got to post his line for that game but you can see the love TB got. AB is in the best situation in his life
  5. Bart scott....DAL just traded/released half their dline
  6. I was offered Gronk and Melvin Gordon for my AB! Tryna gauge the value and maybe help others find out the value of AB trade worth!WHIR
  7. I got : TE: Waller RB: CEH/Swift/Fournette/Hasty
  8. I was offered gronkowski and Melvin Gordon. Should I pull the trigger too?!
  9. Which TE would you rather trade for AB? Or neither
  10. Patrick Laird it is then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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