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  1. The only thing good about Boston Scott is that it's tonight so if you are picking between Boston Scott and other fillers, you will know how boom/bust you got to do your lineup for Sun/Mon!
  2. Okay now you jinxed it - might as well drop.
  3. Ankle or coaching staff??? I still think he plays this week.
  4. Correct 5 day minimum quarantine before joining a new team. To be clear this isn't a protocal for COVID but rather that all the Adam Gase is gone.
  5. I mean if Fitzmagic was Michael Thomas' QB we know he would of had 30 FP game 1.
  6. maybe looked at draft instead of week 4? Since tiered.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if Michel were to get listed as inactive with Harris back - then things could be more interesting.
  8. Why is KB not 100%? If they keep him out 2 weeks they are waiting until he is healthy to play. If he plays i'd be confident. If not i'd not play Stafford
  9. Unless you have Reed and Kittle sits again. Then i'd pivot.
  10. Yeah tough to roll him out there, tough to not play him if he is cleared...UGH
  11. Need some good news!! KJ to IR - come on Kamara 40 pts!
  12. his comment was made before IR news broke and we were thinking week to week.
  13. Started Kerryon Johnson/Freeman/K.Murray ....opponent had bye woes and Lindsay Thursday night. 70% favored into Sunday....lose 1 RB to injury ...okay, second ejected hmm okay i still got this ....Kyle Murray puts up 6 points...screwed. Dumpster fire year....
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