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  1. Coach Anthony Lynn said Friday, "I don’t want to put (Melvin Gordon) in there and play him too much, and I really don’t have to. I like what Austin Ekeler has been doing."
  2. I'm happily considered "in shambles" for starting him this week if he is only other RB active besides Eckler.
  3. Considering i'd of considered playing Justin Jackson against Miami, who give up ~35+ rushes per game so far, even if Eckler takes 20...still 15 for MG (not saying that's how it should go but look at Pollard for Dallas last week, Miami made him look like a hall of famer).
  4. I might hold him as a cuff to MG incase he injures himself first 1-2 weeks. He has looked pretty good if he had the role...
  5. So you should draft people due to their ADP? I was simply pointing out how obvious it was who to drop and stash given the two options. Of course if the guy has 0 WR's then he can't but come on. Very obviously steering him towards dropping C. David over J. Hill. Do you disagree?
  6. Woah - people drafted C. Davis? 18 team league?
  7. Switched out Lindsay for Alshon J. - sweet! Thanks Eagles
  8. Guess depends how they start rolling down stretch , offense seems to be clicking and Mack is back...however Weeks 14 and 15 I'd rather stream so if you can pickup a DST to pair with for playoffs I would. I also like picking up DST's to block other teams .
  9. Anyone confident - given the Detroit offensive woes for picking them up early for playoff stash? 14 - Arizona 15 - BUF 16 - Look elsewhere.
  10. If Saint Peterman is still QB then you go Jets 100% no question, even with Anderson Jets.
  11. I might lose because of this too. Thankfully my opponent still needs Dak Prescott to play lights out today.
  12. This is why after this week if there is a top 8 streamer out there i'll go that direction. If the ranking is within 1-2 of Chicago you keep them. Simple.
  13. Chris Hogan is dropable in some leagues but Connor's value could be at an end shortly with Bell's return so a lower offer than what he produces now isn't outlandish
  14. He was playing alongside Hogan/Patterson/Dorsette to start the first 4..... R E L A X and sell him to me - now we see offense starting last night and he'll get some 1-1 matchups.
  15. Smash10033 will not be working for me much longer.
  16. Chris Ivory after LeSean rips off 25yrd run the OC does that...
  17. Exactly - look what Howard did last week.
  18. Now that Gillislee is inactive and white gets bare bone snaps I totally agree with you. If they activiate Gillislee for some odd reason that would be my only concern.
  19. Thats why I lean towards collins as long as he stops practicing with sunglasses. 3 straight great games and seemingly good floor.
  20. you guys feel more confident in Morris then say someone like Collins? They are pretty neck and neck high RB2s..
  21. Engram pops up as Q too same time... EDIT - now it got removed on yahoo
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