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  1. Lol me too - at least he had a better showing last week and maybe get's Eli back (good or bad)
  2. I could risk waiting until after NYG game and see how it goes then make decision... but risk losing out on JuJu
  3. No one traded for Engram when hot so i'm running two TE's. Gronk and Engram and now its playoff time. Geno smith is in the picture and two potential good pickups are available. Juju owner had dropped for Bryant and now sitting on wire to pickup. WHIR Do both swaps or only 1? Thoughts? Standard 10m
  4. He's a 3rd rounder next year for sure in re-draft leagues...ultimate stud..
  5. Someone dropped Juju for Bryant this week and I have as one of my WR stash's Shepard. I most likely won't be starting Shepard this week regardless but the volume could be there even with Geno Smith. Juju is in a better offense and probably has a better floor. Who would you rather stash for W14-16? WHIR.
  6. I have Gronk and need the space - I tried trading Engram in my league but not much action. Of course the negative being someone else can pick him up but if he lays more duds its almost a help.
  7. Having Shephard and Engram stock i'm at the point where I want to cut one loose for RB depth ... I'm oddly leaning towards Engram
  8. I kind of got a little of what you were saying then you wrote this. Yes players have a few odd low games here and there but Gronk has won me a few weeks already on his own and sits at TE2 for the year - gronk love here is on point.
  9. Even with that goal line plunge that offense is not something I want to be a part of...
  10. This isn't a vikings forum this is a forum about fantasy - the world is ending with Keenum for Diggs owners hah! Thing is he started throwing diggs so much at the beginning so who knows maybe its Zimmer
  11. Only hope for Diggs owners like myself is Thielen injury which is dark....i'm playing against Thielen owner - go diggs!
  12. Yeah i dropped the notion of a 2nd kicker - having 2 DST's for weeks 14-16 though i'm on board with. Rolling Pats (14) & Ravens (15/16) if I get there..
  13. the questions is - can you trust dressing drake in Weeks 14-16 over your studs? Is he the better flex play if you got a flex spot? I couldn't see it not because of just last week but Miami offense in general. Now if Williams snaps go down to nothing then it becomes interesting.
  14. I'm starting to drop bench players for playoffs as I should squeek in hopefully. 10m standard. Davis or Woodhead worth dropping for 2nd kicker for matchups in playoffs. Anyone else do that. Realistically can't trust Davis in playoffs and Woodhead I'd like to see another week. Boswell is available to play when Greg Z plays Seattle defense
  15. Should be lot of throwing at least with most likely Giants down 14 pts quickly
  16. Rolling both Shepard and Engram - both will get 9-15 targets as per usual the past few games
  17. Depends on how ROS plays out and how he plays weeks 14-16
  18. While Bell goes for <60 yards and no TD and Juju loses his bike.
  19. If you click on any of the blue links its a super good clue
  20. If he gets activated on Friday (using him in an IR slot) - does it force you still that late to drop a player even if I keep him on bench and don't slot him in? Never had someone activated so late in a week and curious.
  21. First thing I thought of was the play where Cutler got demolished after someone ran right through Drake last game i believe in 2nd quarter. Wasn't overly talked about since he Jay connected with Still for 1st down.
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