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  1. Still not his problem. Got to get yours while you can.
  2. Why in the world would you blame the player for wanting to play? This is 100% on the coaching staff on how they deploy their players.
  3. I'll try to translate this. There is a train with 12 cars - the Front of the train with the driver is SMoore12 then there is 10 Derrick Henry clones and Rod Smith at the back. All together they produce RB1 numbers if they were on field at the same time but were the sizes of trains.
  4. Did he need someone else on IR...don't understand...
  5. I picked him up but standard league - will see if standard allows him to succeed.
  6. Not really fantasy relevant but good pickup by Pats for double TE schemes. Better not eat into Gronks targets!
  7. Haha this - i'm fine with it - my other crappy QB Wentz is on a bye so my only option </sarcasm>
  8. Dropped Mack , picked up woodhead to IR and added Smith to join this train choo choo.
  9. I had to look myself - this is real life?
  10. I don't know if Denver is a must hold DST - yes they have Colts and Dolphins but also some tougher opponents too. Defense looks exhausted since their QB keeps turning the ball over. Denver isn't even picked up in my league at the moment but just a 10 man. NE probably a good play for this week and chicago later on.
  11. His 30 for 30 with his brother is pretty good actually. The views in here are not FF related.
  12. He also DNP last Wednesday - veteran maintenance.
  13. Engram is my nonstop Flex until further notice. I have Gronk so it feels weird to double TE but the way his points are...
  14. With 10 man league - is LA Rams DST worth burning #6 waiver at this point in season - doubt people with 1-3 use theirs unless a big splash so not any point anymore trying to climb back up? I mean i could keep trying to just stream DST's like Chicago/Pittsburgh etc weekly... LA seems like a safe ROS bet though.
  15. Not a bad call - probably safe to assume they'll stay available until closer to week 13 however. I'm going to try and stream Steelers or Patriots week 10.
  16. Hey i'm on your side, I own drake, and I hope the coach sees it that way too. I'm just cautiously optimistic that's all. I even dressed Drake as my flex last night. The fact he got the ball after the fumble so soon was the most positive for me.
  17. To be fair to Williams TD run was pretty impressive. I own drake and hope he turns into something but Williams isnt "useless' after watching last game.
  18. I'm considering picking up a DST before MNF instead of Mack....Steelers available as a FA... anyone able to convince me otherwise? Tomorrow they will announce Gore retires of course...which is what it would take.
  19. When I wrote this I didn't think it might actually happen. As a Murray owner i continue to watch in awe at the coaching staff. TAPE HIM UP - GET HIM IN THERE.
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