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  1. Yeah i'm not sure how to interpret Watson out for the gamescript - definitely gives Colts a chance to win the game even so maybe more Gore....such a crapshoot. Think i'll try drake.
  2. Fantasy football is about taking risks and having fun, maybe winning too - Drake provides someone for me to watch Sunday night - flexing him! It's either him or Mack....
  3. I have Texans DST which was top 5 across all boards. This changes things?
  4. Woodhead is more of a Buck type back for passing game. Might take away those two catches Collins got last game but not the first down yardage he pulls off and hopefully Alex continues to get more goal line looks.
  5. Cutler is going to turn into Cam Newton/Russel Wilson and rush 15 times a game obviously.
  6. My only concern for not firing him up is that it's a game time decision - i'm not getting up that early to look. If he is confirmed on Saturday or sooner i'm definitely dressing him.
  7. Is the guy trading you severely hurting for TE or RB (obviously a little) - if its really bad for his team then I don't see it as that bad of a trade. I wouldn't add to it
  8. Sorry forgot to mention Standard - so atm Wentz would be more valuable for sure. CMC owner had Aaron Rodgers so would most likely welcome the help.
  9. Anyone else feeling sad with no Legatron in the lineup this week? He outscored half my lineup last week to help ensure the win.
  10. Who wins? I need a decent bye RB and weekly Flex and I have Wentz & Russel Wilson. Seems to be fair level RB to go for.
  11. yeah yahoo should really list him OUT but they won't. Who needs a kicker this week anyways.
  12. Not one bold prediction in the entire thread comes true.
  13. Both last two starts vs Carolina and Washington I only watched the first 5 minutes of games as thats all I had time for. Both times he started with an interception or fumble. Then I come back to watch highlights and he rebounds. Seems to sometimes to take him a quarter but he is such a fierce competitor and gamer that I cannot help but keep him in there.
  14. Having watched the game Murray had two goal line chances to make it a decent score line - if Demarco starts you got to play him over Henry period. This isn't the first year coaching staff has done this, all last year too (albeit he played better). Now a week off to rest his hamstring and newly tweaked shoulder.
  15. for me for tonights stash it's between Doctson and Golladay - both seem very volatile, moreso Detroit as never know what Stafford will do. Marvin Jones could end up soaking it all up too.
  16. By the looks of it Baldwin felt the same way on the sideline! To be fair a lot of drops first half (mainly Graham) but others too.
  17. I think everyone should have this option since Monday Denver plays. Can't imagine anyone rostering McManus at this point and time especially after getting shut out.
  18. Make sure teams playing sunday/monday still have kickers on wire
  19. My 1 would be Sanu then 2nd Kearse. Also i'd switch out ASJ for Brate...
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