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  1. I'm being extremely sarcastic - but all I can do having been the dumb dumb that drafted into this mess.
  2. I went through this last year with owning Henry almost all season (not have Murray) and now the tables are turned and I have Murray and no Henry (someone took him 6th round I was going to cuff maybe around or two later at least). I'm enjoying the ride.
  3. Happy 100th page. Murray will play, he'll play on crutches, you know he'll play.
  4. Murray his tiger blood - will ride him to victory this season - Henry will never start.
  5. This week they are a must start against Flacco and no WR's.
  6. Both trains are in a tunnel and we don't know if they completed the track on the other side.
  7. Back at my Flex spot. My other flex plays at 1:30pm PST so we shall see
  8. Even McKinnon has ankle issues (but will play ). It's a fun time to juggle RB's. Glad I got a full season of DJ last year and didnt have 1st pick.
  9. Colts OC Rob Chudzinski said Marlon Mack will get more touches with Robert Turbin (elbow) out for the season. Advice: Before Mack truthers get too excited, the coaching staff said all last week they planned to get the rookie more work before he saw two carries against the Titans. Mack almost has to see more touches with Turbin out, however, and Chudzinski said he would have gotten more carries Monday night had a few RPOs played out differently. Mack has a good matchup this week against a Jaguars defense which has given up some long runs, but he will be just a hopeful FLEX until we see him
  10. The Jaguars have given up the most PPO to opposing running backs on the ground so far this year, and Marlon Mack’s 0.51 PPO is just barely behind Kareem Hunt (0.56) and Leonard Fournette (0.55). Mack needs more opportunity, but if he gets it this week, he should shine. His 24.1 percent snap rate last week was his highest rate since Week 1. Key issue - Pagano giving Mack the Opportunities...that's pretty much agreed upon in this thread. Going to give him another week on bench to see Turbin factor / Pagano.
  11. The Q will become to keep Greg the Leg during bye week - no Lutz player on wire for me to swap with. Also interested in Baltimore ROS schedule as someone mentioned but their offense is a dumpster fire.
  12. Also agree with Garcon is the safer play. Cooper if you need a miracle to win the week pending your lineup.
  13. I do - I have this Gronkowski guy.
  14. Same situation with Diggs out it's either Shepard or John Brown - trust expected volume or the qb throwing...
  15. Hurting for a solid flex/RB2-3. All that owner wants of AP is a TE. Who wins? Knee jerk reaction would be yes to AP of course but once the hype dies down or DJ comes back early (unlikely)... is it fair on both sides? I don't mind a little risk.
  16. As a non DJ owner - and recovery going well - how much would you pay for AP for potentially only until week 12-13? I want to win games now but not sacrifice the season. Also of course possible that AP stays out until Christmas as originally suspected.
  17. Currently have Baltimore vs Vikings this week still top 6 or so DST. Worth switching to Vikings on wire? ROS schedule considered and all?
  18. I picked up Wentz for the Bye week and strongly considering riding Wentz until a down week or cake matchup for Wilson...
  19. I rather pick up Marvin Jones this week on the Bye.
  20. Every year, Gore "the ageless wonder", continues to punish me for doubting him.
  21. As a yahoo player why do they have to default back to questionable automatically especially on waiver day. OUT until proven questionable I say...effs up my IR slot.
  22. Having watched the game I understand your POV but to think he can screw up less than Stafford...? Very lucky game for NO and all but I think they are good enough to give Hundley some trouble..furthermore Brees should put up enough points to make hundley have to throw in the 2nd quarter at least...
  23. Worth picking up Titans DST before tonight's game? They play Cleveland next week (currently def is Baltimore who play Vikings next week...still keenum)
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