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  1. There has to be at least 5% of people picking up Jaron thinking they got John... Yahoo at least... still high ownership.
  2. Considering switching out Amendola for Wallace ......no Maclin....hmm
  3. anyone actually see him becoming an RB2 anymore in standard (not that ppr is even option for him much)
  4. Hmm seems like I should drop Collins for Breida until this cools down?
  5. Better stash than the guy that dropped Shepard? Probably pick up up Davis this week the Shepard next if necessary..really need a WR to blow up short there and trades lacking.
  6. Anyone biting on picking up Shepard while injured as he'll be No. 1 when back?
  7. Hopefully he comes back with Bridgewater too!
  8. Maclin and Perriman although limited and DNP are still going to play as per the reports. Wallace is boom or bust since he catches deep balls but definitely worth monitoring.
  9. I agree with McGuire as Bilal Powell didnt practice AGAIN today so something to monitor. Last time Perine got the load did nothing. Also i'd ask who you are playing - if he has lots of byes and you want a safe floor then Gore.
  10. I also agree with Kearse since NE has been suspect but just like with me dart throws with those guys. From your bench the person I like the least is Rob Kelley - only RB I like in Washington is thompson and he might fizzle. Could also try and trade one of your TE's if someone is desperate with all the injuries.
  11. If you trust profootball focus Player Team PosRK STD STD ∆ PPR PPR ∆ Devonta Freeman ATL RB5 $45.4 -$2.7 $36.8 -$7.0 LeSean McCoy BUF RB6 $45.3 $5.9 $47.6 $4.3 Pretty much equal for both Devonta starting up higher and mccoy on way up. Atlanta I think we both agree is safer offense so you are winning getting freeman in my oppinion.
  12. STANDARD LEAGUE- Amendola vs NYJ Wallace vs Bears Gabriel vs Miami John Brown vs Tampa Mike Williams vs Chargers Seem like all dart throws - wallace proven himself last two weeks, amendola has a solid floor for targets....any insightful thoughts?
  13. I think i'll keep Wentz If i can i'll keep Wilson too and switch as necessary.
  14. The matchup is good for Perine, with Rob Kelley likely out, but he also ranks as our second-worst-graded running back this season. He is unlikely to be used in the passing game, and averages just 3.1 yards per carry for the season.
  15. Wish I had an alternative... Wilson is on a bye
  16. i dropped him for another stash as hasn't done anything since week 1 (i'm in standard so less appetizing anyways). HOWEVER. Given my season he is now guaranteed to be amazing - anyone i've dropped has become a star.
  17. Cough. Eli Manning. If he can he will disappoint.
  18. See above - groin was hurt there - re-instate no celebrations please... JK.
  19. Starting with confidence! Confidence that on my Bye no one else is better.
  20. yup but people still ranking him above abdullah and l.murray. One more week using him over those bench players.
  21. Can't play him this week but will probably pick him up again after next waivers.
  22. Firing up brown this week - couldn't handle my bye week with someone like Maclin.
  23. Gillislee has been killing me last two games - short week. L. Murray might get his first start.... either that or Abdullah... Most rankings still show Gillislee above both tough...
  24. I'm with Grim - I picked up Engram two weeks ago - I have the options on Murray realistically as #1. Kamara been gone since week 1 in my shallow league people know their stuff. Coming from owning Murray last year - it was hate love. I don't see them using Murray as much and their offense isnt 2016's Raiders...pass
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