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  1. I don't see any #1 waiver burn players this week for standard 8-12 player leagues.
  2. I started Cohen too instead of Howard - to be fair would of been fine if they didnt steal the run Cohen had in Overtime. He didn't step out! Just glad Howard is back even if I lose this week.
  3. I have to play howard - cohen has a higher floor for sure but I need lots of points with how Thursday went. Glad to see him off injury report. Go Jordan!
  4. Teddy Week 7? Silly move to put on PUP list.
  5. Haha yup dropping 50 with 2 players - the whole time i'm yelling at the WR's and TE's. WHY DO YOU KEEP FALLING DOWN ON THE GOAL LINE??? question is do i keep Breida or move on to next option for sunday
  6. Can we all just take a step back and relish the fact we find ways of making Thursday Night Football interesting, by picking up cuffs just to see what happens...imagine tonight without FF...the ratings would be so much worse. I'm playing against Hyde and Gurley...reason enough to watch.
  7. All my yahoo leagues as long as I don't play them I can drop anytime..unless on do not drop list period.
  8. Me too if not pickup someone else for Sunday
  9. Couldn't you pickup Breida for tonight then if league allows drop if Hyde doesn't fall and pickup drake for Sunday?
  10. In a 2 WR league - and having 4 WR - would most agree I can drop 4th WR for this stash - I kind of like my kicker. 10m Standard so probably not going to play 4th one unless injury.
  11. I feel good about it but I also have a 2nd tight end early for the bye week (Engram) who also has a concussion now. Living dangerously.
  12. With Giants O-line i'd not even keep perkins on my roster - no thanks. A coach that refuses to adjust his o-line to help out the schemes isn't worth it.
  13. Listed as Limited Practice in todays Injury Report - so looks like both will play. http://www.chicagobears.com/team/injury-report.html
  14. Yes you can see it in the instagram feed - nothing left to imagination. It'll get cleared up tomorrow i'm sure.
  15. Hmmm drop someone for Tomorrows game and see what happens with Breida 1 game...
  16. At this point for what I get for him better off hoping for the best then trading him for an Ingram type player.
  17. Yeah I never had that in doubt - i'm just curious at what point in rankings or type of player do you roll the dice on someone like this.
  18. See what injury report says today and go from there. Only positive for Murray is at least the hamstring was from preseason too so he hasn't been 100% with his performances.
  19. Where you guys draw the line with someone like this - where is your WR too good no matter the matchup to play them. Perfect example for me would be i'm playing Demarius Thomas over Higgins no question EVEN though buffalo defends well against the pass....is that stupid mentality? Ranked top 15 WR for the week. I'd say if outside top 15 then trend more towards soft secondary matchups?
  20. The video already posted in the 1st page. No one here is going to blow a high waiver on this guy - this is someone you take a stab at prior to game and see how it goes if you got a bench player you aren't happy with. Lottery pick but to each their own. No need to get angry.
  21. Any value at this point - i'm thinking of taking a deep stab in a 10m league as right now just rotting and dropping for a weekend potential injury or something.
  22. On the plus side he plays in London so you can pick him up and drop him before anyone wakes up
  23. who are your other options if I may ask? what type of league?
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