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  1. Personally I can't spend a roster slot (until bye) for a 2nd QB and i'm not dropping Wilson so riding it out.
  2. Yes TB is a heavy run defense rather than passing - i'm dressing Diggs 100% if Bradford plays. 100% not if he doesn't. Bucs are dreadful pass D
  3. Yes but the Pats had Edalman/Amendola/Mitchell (i'm really pissed he's not playing - clutch catches in SB). Really hurting at receiver position. Only dressed 3 last game. To say NE needs gronk is an understatement. Yes they will find ways without but getting harry at this point.
  4. Haha - my eyes went right to the ***** then didn't read further. Yeah in scramble mode a lot even against SF. Bottom line need pocket protection to last like 1 second longer and hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.
  5. I don't know what game you watched yesterday but Jimmy got thrown at a few times early and he dropped a lot of them - EASY passes then he banged up his knee. It was raining but still...
  6. I'm done (standard) with a 10.4 lead, and he has Golladay and Prater left to play - got to say that can both ways very easily!
  7. I definitely turned off game sound and put on music - it was terrible. Opening showed me all i needed - his first story while the other lady just laughed the whole time.
  8. From chicago's website it quotes - Shoulder / Limited Practice .
  9. i picked up Cohan without a waiver.... only moved up one in waiver order - didn't put one in at 5 thinking i'd not get him - now I have him. In other news Yahoo put Howard as questionable but no news...
  10. So my RB1/2 are locked no question - Gill would be my FLEX. It's between him and Abdullah. I also have Gronk for tonights game. Sane analytics all take Abdullah over Gill - safer floor for sure. Anyone care to convince me to dress Gill over Abdullah? I also did end up dropping my kicker for Rex just incase he blows up tonight.
  11. That'll make it more interesting - i'll do that. Lay off having too many beers so I remember..
  12. I swore i did that twice last year - including w/ Procise. It is yahoo - you are saying since he has played I can't drop? Maybe b/c procise got injured in game I was able to.
  13. 10 man league - Rex is not taken - my kicker is Gano so nothing special - my thinking is to pick up and see how game goes ( Gillislee owner and playing him tonight) I know every week things change but can always drop again before sunday....just incase?
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