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  1. they’re both very close to each other. I’d keep Zeke personally just because he’s on the better offense. thanks for the help on mine!
  2. Tough one but I’d still say the Saints will figure it out and I’d rather have Kamara
  3. You could probably do better than OBJ since Mitchell is the only somewhat healthy back left in that offense. You’re probably paying for the name brand of OBJ more than what may put up
  4. It’s a 16 team 1ppr league with 9 starters, 4 player bench, and 2 IR spots QB: Murray, D Jones RB: Gibson, Swift, Eli Mitchell, James White, Jamaal Williams WR: Tyreek Hill, Diggs, Devonta Smith, Hilton(IR), Bateman(IR) TE: Jonnu Smith D/ST: Ravens K: Gano whir, thank you!
  5. Anyone else you can drop? I’d rather keep both Tyson and have Javonte also.
  6. Yeah I’d go Deebo as well. I think Logan Thomas and Gibson are the only reliable starters on the Washington offense
  7. Stafford. He has better receiving weapons and as of right now, the Panthers D looks better than whatever the Colts D showed last week.
  8. It’s a 16 team 1ppr league with 9 starters, 4 bench players, and 2 IRs QB: Murray RB: Swift, Hunt, Jamal Williams, White, Murray, Mitchell WR: Hill, Diggs, Devonta Smith, TY Hilton(IR), Bateman(IR) TE: Everett D/ST: Washington K: Sanders Whir! Thank you
  9. Maybe drop Higbee to see how the Ty Johnson situation turns out thanks for the help on mine
  10. Is it worth dropping anyone? I could see myself starting Tyrell even as a flex on a bye week but not sure I’d ever feel comfortable starting a jets rb.
  11. Moore could be a sneaky start especially with no Crowder. Thanks for the help on mine
  12. I’d go with Michel. Probably the safer pick, not really what to expect of the Jets offense
  13. It’s a 16 team 1ppr league with 9 starters, 4 players on bench and 2 IRs. my team: QB: Murray RB: Swift, Hunt, Jamaal Williams, James White, Murray WR: Hill, Diggs, Devonta Smith, Tyrell Williams, Hilton(IR) TE: Gesicki D/ST: Washington K: Sanders Tevin Coleman is currently a free agent. Do I have anyone worth dropping for him? whir!
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