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  1. .5 Ppr QB Jackson,Watson RB Ekeler,A.Jones,J.White, D.Johnson WR Godwin, K.Allen, DJ Moore, McLaurin,Kirk TE J.Cook Def 49ers and Bills on rotation K Butker All of the starters were in the top5 at their position except for my WR corps, which had 3 top13 guys. I don't think I've been this lucky ever also with injuries. Outscored the field by 200 pts in the regular season earning a bye and finished with 169 and 144 respectively to end the season with 2341 pts total scored( 145 avg score ) The notable busts were David Johnson and Dami
  2. .5 PPR QB Jackson , Watson ( they were both gold in the early part of the season) after midseason , it was Jackson' job) 1st and 2nd at their position RB A.Jones + A Ekeler 2nd and 5th WR Godwin, DJ Moore , Keenan Allen 2nd, 13th and 12th TE J.Cook 7th And the SF Defense + some BUF sprinkled in SF 3rd And the Butker 1st in scoring All of this despite wasting half my FAAB in the draft on David Johnson and Damien Williams LOL Still my most impressive team ever with very consistent
  3. Well i actually fell asleep before the medical status update and had him locked in. Guess that worked out then 😁
  4. I think Lamar's injury would lead me to playing M.Ingram
  5. Should i take the safer play in Watson or roll with Lamar ?
  6. I'd have to agree with @wahoos1 here. Carson and Guice aswell. You already have a TB stack going with 2 WRs from TB aswell which is looking like you're cutting some of the value already because it's hard to foresee both of them going off. At least give me more pieces from other games and Guice has the best matchup of them. Singletary is good too especially if you think Buffalo will be playing from behind. I know Gore is around too but gamescript could be favorable there ! Thanks for the help btw
  7. Mack if he plays. Drake if he sits. And for your WR I'd roll with Pascal over Shepard. I'm just really scared with Eli back... i think Sequads has a monster game but that's it. Too many mouthes to feed Tate Shepard Slayton. I'd hesitate playing any of them. Take the nice matchup with Pascal
  8. Such a tough choice . If it helps I'm a pretty big underdog considering projections also facing CMac... i guess i should worry be more inclined to chase the safe floor and let my WRs do the damage... so far i was going to play Ekeler and White. But to be fair, they are all in A+ matchups this week, so i should be fine either way.
  9. With everybody back including Eli, i want no part of the NY receivers I'd definitely go Snell here. Thanks for the help !
  10. First round of the playoffs here... going 0 RB this year has me pretty thin and left me with lots of soso choices . With J.Connor out for this week, who i do i go with this week ? A.Ekeler @ Jax J.White @ KC B.Snell @ AZ D.Guice @ GB My WRs are set ( Thomas, Edelman,DJ Moore) so i won't be flexing any of the RBs. Post links, WHIR.
  11. Well tbh the guy is 12:0 with a sick deep roster. And he was never going to play a WR in his Flex anyhow with Cook, Zeke and Lenny Fourns on his team. Guess he was happy he got insurance to keep doing that in case any of them go down.
  12. Traded Mattison for DJ Moore 4 weeks ago.. patience proved helpful in that one
  13. Any game the Patriots are involved, it is . Story of our last 19 years...
  14. This guy is not going away... and with good reason ! What a stud despite the reduced role since Flashless Gordon's return.
  15. True.. neither was his play inspiring so far... The guy on the left: "hmm i wonder, what's for dinner...when is this over?" So comical.. as the while franchise is right now .
  16. Was dropped in mine. Dumped Burks for him. Let's see
  17. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1196269930854932480?s=19 Pretty damning.... could they even care less ?
  18. Need Dwelly to stay under 5.0 pts standard. Could be close 🙈🙈
  19. Let's roll the dice on him. Let's go big Mike !!
  20. Started him last week, which wasn't top bad. Going to give it another go. Kind of lacking options though ( Aj Brown being my only other option)
  21. Got DJ Moore for Mattison... not bad after holding him hostage from the Cook owner all season . Dj got a nice scheduele coming up with ATLx2 and WSH. At least I'm not wasting my roster spot anymore.
  22. Firing him up over McLaurin this week ! All aboard !!!
  23. Has everybody seen enough of him now ? He is nowhere near the guy he was last year... should have kept holding out....
  24. Juju and Freeman. I don't like the situation, but he is definitely a better play than Hollywood... And I'm not sure Gordon will get a big timeshare this week. At least i wouldn't bank on it plus the pace of that game should be slow. I'd rather get a piece of ATL vs HOU !
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