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  1. If the first game is too early to judge in normal times, doubly so for football in covid world with no preseason and not as much practice... yet but it wasn't encouraging.
  2. Sorry, I can't do this again. It was just one of those rough defensive games in Denver. They couldn't get AJ Brown going, he is the guy and Davis is just going to have a few flashes here and there but ultimately this guy is always a let down.
  3. I might win the league I went 6-7 in, and my team has no business winning it. Another league where I actually have a good team, I left Mark Andrews, Indy D and Tyler Boyd on the bench, probably would have won with them in. Of course the one I'm gonna lose is the one that pays the most money. Cool story, bro.
  4. Glad I listened to everyone saying Denver was the better option than Indy. 😂🤣😰 ALWAYS go with the newbie QB matchup.
  5. McLaurin, great matchup. Moore if you are feeling lucky. We have no idea what we are gonna get from the Carolina backup. I'm leery of the Vikings rb thing, especially since its a Monday night game, you could be royally screwed if you are counting on Boone playing and it turns out Cook or Mattison is a go. Thanks for helping on mine.
  6. Sanders and Boone as others said, Singletary has a terribad matchup with the Pats
  7. I like your lineup except Id go with Sanders over Mostert, unless Jordan Howard plays. Must win game for the eagles, they are lacking receivers, etc.
  8. I'd say Broncos. Lions QB sucks, they got no weapons except Gollady, and its a home game. Browns beat the Ravens earlier this year, they have way more weapons so they seem more likely to score and at least put up a token resistance.
  9. I'd roll with Winston, Jones, Zeke, Lockett, AJ Brown, Henry at TE and flex Perriman. I really would be afraid to use Moore because we have no idea how good this backup QB is gonna be.
  10. Gordon easily. Mack is disappearing. Colts offense looks crap. Boone, we have no idea what is going on there and the game is on Monday, so you're boned if Cook or Mattison plays.
  11. Gentlepeople, Championship round, full PPR, and bonuses for 40+ yard plays. Need to pick my WR2: AJ Brown, Perriman, or Tyler Boyd? Whats your two cents? I'm thinking Perriman on volume alone. AJ Brown has been hot lately but faces a tough matchup with Lattimore of the Saints. Boyd has a great matchup, but unreliable. He probably is still the safest option but probably not the most upside. WHIR!
  12. Not sure how you break down the monies, but whoever wasn't going to be in the paying contention was losing their money anyway. Totally unfair to rip you and the other dude off. Refunding everyone makes no sense. Especially in a big money league like this, money should be paid up front at the draft!
  13. I like the Broncos for the ship game. I have the 49ers but I don't like the Rams matchup... gotta go for upside here in the last match!
  14. I face a similar choice, TOUGH! I think we can eliminate Pascal and McLaurin. Too many x-factors with them, and not really great passing offenses at the moment. Pascal could lose touches to TY. Scary Terry, you have to trust in Haskins who we know is not trustworthy at this point. With your roster, I would play AJ Brown, and Flex Perriman. I like Perriman over either of your other two options.
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